Oh, boy, here we go again…

It’s another installment of someone having a major issue with a vegan!

Listen, I have no problem with vegans at all. In fact, I commend their ability to be so disciplined.

But some of them seem to cause some problems, don’t you think?

Take a look at this story and see if you think this woman acted like a jerk.

AITA for not accommodating my brother’s vegan fiancee?

“Full disclosure, I do eat meat, eggs, and dairy. That being said I’m lazy and prepping and cooking meat takes more work than I’m willing to do a lot of the time, so I’ve built up a pretty okay repertoire of vegetarian and vegan meals.

That’s why I volunteered to cook last night for a small family dinner even though I would normally never. Love my mom to bits but if the first step isn’t browning a pound of ground beef, she’s a little lost on what to make.

This is all a thing because my brother has recently gotten engaged to a vegan woman. None of us have really spent a lot of time with her due to pandemics and generally having our own lives. The time I have spent with her has been perfectly nice. I’d thought this would also be perfectly nice.

So I did my best. I put together a dijon vinaigrette salad, pasta tossed with roasted asparagus and cherry tomatoes, and because this is America where carb on carb doesn’t have to be just a dream, some bread I f**king vetted to make sure it didn’t have milk or eggs in it. She could eat every single thing served.

At least I thought so. We sit down, plates are dished, she has questions. Whatever, fair enough. I can imagine that she’s been in situations where things seemed safe to eat but surprise, there’s honey in the salad dressing or something.

Reassurances are made, I did my homework but…she has other complaints. You roasted the veggies in olive oil? There’s olive oil in the salad dressing? The pasta isn’t whole wheat? This is white bread? Yes.

Vegan, all of it, but not stripped down to as few calories as possible. Anddddd now she won’t eat, just sat there and tore one of the rolls up into tiny pieces until the table was cleared.

My brother texted me later that night about how f**ked up it was that she had to go home hungry, and this is where I may be the a**hole. I replied something in the effect of saying I thought I had to cook to accommodate veganism, not an eating disorder.

He told me to go f**k myself, which again, fair. Now I imagine a cold war is brewing and mom is inevitably going to get sucked in. I also could have tried to make something healthier, though I don’t think what was served was that bad.


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