Are people incapable of buying their own food anymore?

I hear stories like this all the time and they kind of drive me nuts, to be honest.

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AITA for refusing access to my food?

“There are 4 of us in the house.

I noticed that some of my food has been going missing.

I’m not unreasonable, if one of them ran out of something and took some of mine I would be ok with it if they tell me and replace it.

I asked the housemates about my missing food and they all denied taking anything.

I ask if they have anyone over who may have taken it.

They all denied.

My food kept going missing so I bought a mini fridge, set it up in my room and moved all my fridge food to my room and also moved my other food to a bookshelf in my room.

Later on one housemate saw me bringing food out my room and asked why do I have my food in my room. I explained I was sick of my food being taken and everyone denying it so I’ve moved everything to my room.

This housemate told the others what I was doing. One laughed and said it was a good idea and the other said it was extreme but understandable.

One said that I was overreacting and we should all share food in the house and I need to stop being such a child and bring my food back into the kitchen.


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