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AITA for telling my cousin that I would not make a blanket for her kid for free?

“So some context: I am a uni student and in my free time I crochet a lot.

I was spending a week at my grandma’s to help her wash the windows and do some cleaning. My cousin (31F) came for a visit and asked me to show her what I was working on.

Currently, I am making a starburst granny-square blanket (pattern for anyone interested) so I showed her the squares I’ve made so far and told her that it was to be my first king-sized blanket for my and my bfs first shared apartment (we will be moving in next year)

She told me that in all that time I could make a second blanket and give this one to her daughter as a birthday present.

I told her that I absolutely would not do that because it is hard work to make a blanket and also very expensive since I am using good quality yarn.

I told her that I’d be happy to put my own project aside and make one for her kid as a commission, but that I wouldn’t do it for free as I couldn’t afford that

My dad thinks that I should have asked them to cover the costs of the yarn and make a free blanket but I disagree considering how much work goes into a blanket.”

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One individual said they’re NTA and that it’s rude to expect to get something for free.

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Another Reddit user agreed and said these kinds of projects can take hundreds of hours.

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This reader also said they’re NTA and said that they offer how to teach people to knit and crochet if they ask for something.

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