I’m here to tell you that you need a sleep mask!

Yes, I’m talking about those masks that strap around your head, block out all light, and make you look like Zorro!

I always thought people I’d see on planes wearing them looked ridiculous, but I finally got one and I LOVE IT.

No more seeing headlights coming through my bedroom window or getting woken up at the crack of dawn by the rising sun.


Now let’s hear from AskReddit users about life-changing purchases they say are 100% worth it.

1. Protect yourself.

“A dash cam.

Definitely. This is one of those things that you don’t need… until you really, really do.

If you can absolve yourself of fault for a bad accident it can be priceless.”

2. Get comfy.

“My expensive at home office chair.

I sat in a cheap $100ish chair for close to a year, and after buying the chair I’m in now, I can’t believe I actually survived. I can sit through a full day at work from home now and not feel awful at the end of the day.

For reference, I got a Steelcase Gesture.”

3. Oh, yeah!

“Maternity Pillow or Pregnancy Pillow.

The most comfiest thing ever for ANYONE. Fits between legs and you’ll sleep like a f**kin’ corpse.

Female friend suggested the idea. She was right.”

4. There you go.

“My wife and I are tall people and I recently lost some mobility due to brain surgery.

Despite large medical bills, we dipped into the wallet and had as tall toilet installed along with a bidet seat. I don’t use the bidet features, but the seat is heated and the toilet lit for those late night trips.

As my health and mobility has deteriorated since then it’s been a huge help in maintaining my dignity and self care.”

5. Clean floors!

“Self-emptying Roomba.

We run it every day in three large rooms and we have inside dogs.

Never had floors this clean.”

6. Gotta take care of those feet!

“Good shoes.

I spent about $130 on a pair from Johnston and Murphy like 4 years ago.

They’re comfy as hell and still in great shape despite being worn almost daily.”

7. A lifesaver.

“I spent $23,000 on gastric surgery. I was 475 pounds.

I couldn’t run, jump, play in the yard with my kids. I couldn’t work. I went from having a gun in my mouth on my 50th birthday to walking a 5k on my 51st. I am now 53 and pretty steady at 220.

I took my family to the Grand Canyon and then to Arches National park this summer and probably hiked about 20 miles all told. Spending this money saved my life.”

8. I’m an ice lover myself…

“A fridge freezer with an integral ice machine.

Ice just increases the joy in life enormously.”

9. Get busy!

“An insta-pot, an air fryer, and a decent sized deep freezer.

Bulk up on meat and veggies, freeze them than cook them extremely quickly.”

10. For all the cat owners.

“If you have a cat, a CatGenie.

It’s a litter box that you basically plumb in. It comes with a tee for the tap going to your toilet and a waste tube that you hook over the lip of aforementioned toilet (or a different toilet; what am I, the toilet police?).

When your cat does its business this thing scoops it, rinses the little plastic pellets it uses instead of clay, it grinds up any solid waste, flushes the waste and water, re-rinses with sanitizer, flushes, rinses a last time, then blows the pellets dry and levels them.

I haven’t had to clean a litter box in 12 years. About once a month I swap out the sanitizer and once or twice a year I replenish the pellets.”

11. Skip the line.

“For my US domestic travelers, TSA pre-check.

$85 for 5 years. There are times where I got to my gate faster than my ride leaving the airport.”

12. Drink up.

“A Yeti mug.

The amount of value (lifelong pleasure for one-time purchase) of having hot and cold drinks that STAY hot and cold until the last sip?

I can’t think of any purchase in my life that’s had more bang for its buck.”

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