I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I’d be super excited to be a part of a puppet-themed wedding…but that’s just me!

I guess some people do actually exist who enjoy things like this…and this guy wants to know if he’s an a**hole for making his friends be a part of such an event.

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AITA for making our guests participate in our puppet-themed wedding?

“My fiance (26F) and I (27M) met at college.

We were in our school’s performing arts program and met in a puppetry class. In the class, we designed our own puppets. Mine, named Hat Boy, and my fiances, Daisy (she’s better with names) were what we initially used to talk to each other and flirt in class. We fell in love, and in a way, we’ve considered Hat Boy and Daisy in love as well.

Years after graduating, we still use Hat Boy and Daisy both at home, and at our local (but fairly prominent) theatre where we perform puppet shows with high-end, muppet style puppets.

While planning our wedding, we realized we wanted Hat Boy and Daisy to be a part of the ceremony. They’ve been a part of us since the beginning, and it just felt right. We also invited our entire troop of puppeteers from the theatre and got the idea that we should have our wedding completely officiated by “puppets” and that our wedding parties would be made up of puppets (and our closest puppeteer friends!). We figure it’ll make for incredible pictures.

Here’s where we aren’t sure if we are the as*holes or not: We’re insisting that all of our guests also participate and use puppets. In lieu of gifts, we’ve asked everyone to purchase high quality (but not nearly the quality of professional puppets) puppets to use during our wedding.

We took the guess work out of it and directed them to several vendors, some of who offer some really cool options. Everyone could realistically expect to spend $150-$500 depending on what sort of details and whatnot they wanted.

We also want everyone to “wear” their puppets during the entire wedding and reception. All puppets we’re suggesting can be mounted on and controlled with one hand. The puppets are meant to be “guests” at the wedding in the same way all of our human guests are as well.

Well let’s just say, there are a LOT of people not happy. Both of our parents, my wife’s sister, and family members on both sides have complained that this is completely unreasonable.

They’re concerned about how are they going to eat and drink? How are they going to dance? (you don’t need hands to dance, so idk where this complaint came from). We of course don’t expect people to have their puppet on their hand while in the bathroom, but everywhere else, we’d really like to insist on it.

We also made sure that our hors d’oeuvres are all finger foods. There will be plenty of cocktail tables so people can put down their drinks. We even made sure that all of the food for the dinner itself is portioned so that it can be eaten in bite sizes just with a fork without having to use a knife.

We really think this would make for a special day. We only get to do it once, and think that it will be an event that all of our guests will remember for a lifetime. We have a hard time believing that once there, they wouldn’t have a blast.

So, are we the a**holes for making what we think is a silly but harmless and reasonable request for our one special day?”

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