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AITA for refusing to comfort my daughter after telling my husband I was emotionally burnt out?

“I (26F) and my husband (27M) have been married 6 years and have a toddler.

Since we had her Dec 2019 I have more or less been the sole care taker, a stay at home mom, while he works. After discussing it with him, we can no longer afford to have this set up so I am going back to work. Granted it is a work from home position.

I made it clear to him, that he will have to start helping me (be it around the house with chores or even cooking dinner sometimes which I have been doing all of this alone for almost two years) since it is a full time job and I will still be somewhat watching our daughter.

Tonight was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had cooked dinner, and asked him to give our kid a bath so I could relax, finish eating, and have a moment alone.

He started the bath and a few moments later sent me a text (so he wasn’t leaving her in the tub alone) if I could come finish her bath, meaning scrub her, rinse, dry, and dress her. I ultimately give in and go finish her bath. When I finally got my turn in the shower, I was told to hurry so that I could put her to bed. (He doesn’t put her to bed claiming that she likes me better.)

So I hurry up, get her in bed, and I am exhausted. She had been sick for the past week and I have a small cold myself. So I’m trying to go to bed and he came stumbling in the room with our two dogs.

When I ask who will take them out in the morning because I didn’t want to clean dog pee out of the carpet he said “you’ll be cleaning pee out the carpet either way.” I asked him what did he mean by that and he stormed out of the room to sleep in the couch.

I at that point hit the bottom of my well and can no longer sleep. I get up and fix daughter a cup of milk I know she will need later in the night. In doing so I pass him in the living room and he asks me if I okay. I tell him no,, I was mentally done and burnt out. Unless to sleep, I start cleaning.

While I’m cleaning the toddler wakes up and is whining and demanding I hold her and put her back down. But when I have a melt down I can’t stand to be touched. (Not her fault I know!) So I try. I try and put her back down but I mentally can’t. So she stays up crying. I try to console her but I just mentally am checked out.

Her crying wakes up husband and he gets p**sed because it is now midnight and he he tells me that I’m an a**hole and an idiot because I can’t take care of her and he has to be awake for work at 430. He tells me not to even bother coming to bed before slamming the door.

So AITA for not taking care of my daughter when husband had to be at work early?”

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