We all like to have fun with our pets, right?

Dress them up, make them wear sunglasses and headphones, maybe put a hat on them once in a while.

Well, you’re about to meet a very special cat and his very special human and these two go above and beyond the normal human/pet relationship if I do say so myself.

Rémy Vicarini lives in France and he likes to make all kinds of amazing helmets for his cat, Cathode.

And one of his most popular creations is this 3-D Iron Man get-up.

Is that Tony Stark…?

I think that might be Tony Stark…just a guess…

Here’s a video of how Vicarini put the whole thing together.

I wonder how Cathode feels about this look…

But wait, there’s more!

Below is a video of how he designed another helmet, this one some 3-D LEGO knight headwear.

This one is really awesome, take a look!

And here’s his best buddy with a cool motorcycle helmet.

The two like to have adventures around Europe together and you know that Cathode doesn’t mind wearing some protective headgear on the open road.

You gotta love it!

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