Is love blind?

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AITA for refusing to drive my girlfriend anywhere, forcing her to stop her hobby?

“My (30M) girlfriend (30F) cannot drive. She did lessons over 3 years ago, h**es driving and refuses to drive. She never took her test so she doesn’t have a driver’s license.

During covid she decided to stop working and I mentioned to her that it would be good for her to use that time to practice driving and do her test since where we live there isn’t a ton of public transport, and asked her to let me know when she wanted to practice driving.

After 6 months where she never asked me to practice I started pushing her to do some driving and we started going. She would have a panic attack every time a car was behind her and had forgotten lots of rules of the road (she wasn’t braking before getting to a roundabout and whenever I said to her to brake she’d get angry) so I told her it’d be better to reach out to a professional and do more lessons and offered to pay for it. She never did and asking her about it would cause issues so I stopped.

When she started looking for a job she had to accept the only job that was easy to reach with public transport. After getting the job she told me she’d never drive and I told her that was ok but I would not be driving her places anymore because she had years to start driving and chose not to.

She now registered for dance classes, which have been her hobby since forever, but the classes are 15-20 minutes away by car. I asked her how she was going to get there and she said she’d need me to drive her.

I refuse to drive 15-20 min there and back and have to repeat that an hour later, 3 times a week. It screws up my evening and I did it pre covid because I was under the impression it was temporary but I will not be doing it forever.

When I told her this she said she didn’t think I was serious about her driving and that it was controlling to force her to drive when she didn’t want to and when it made her anxious, and that it was even worse to force her to quit her hobby (there aren’t any classes she can reach by public transport).

I can understand anxiousness but I’ve been driving her back and forth places for the 4 years we are together and cannot keep doing this, if I keep doing it she has no incentive to drive.

So, AITA?”

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