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AITA for refusing to stop seeing my daughter over her sister?

“I 56F and my husband Kurt 59M have 2 daughters, Ruth 32 and June 30.

8 years ago, Ruth split up with her college boyfriend, Adam 32. They’d been together since she was 20/21 and it was as serious as a college relationship could be. About 5 years ago, June announced that she reconnected with Adam at some alumni get together (they’d all gone to the same university) and that they were now dating.

Of course, Kurt and I were shocked she would do this despite her sister’s history with him. But she insisted that they were in love and she can’t help that, and that Ruth and Adam hadn’t been together in years so she hasn’t done anything wrong. Ruth understandably was enraged over it.

She said she was done with June and would never see her again. This broke me, they were so close growing up and I prayed every day they’d reconcile, but I accepted they’re adults who can make their own choices and we have no say.

Kurt and I were also very disappointed with June and told her off many times, but after she proved that there was never any cheating involved while Ruth and Adam were together, things between us settled down. Out of respect for Ruth’s feelings, we never brought the girls together again. Ruth and June visit us separately and still aren’t on speaking terms after 5 years, but we maintained our relationships.

Now, June and Adam are married. Ruth has also moved on with a lovely boy. Coincidentally, both girls are expecting their first child (Ruth’s due date is a little earlier). I can’t put into words how excited we are to be grandparents and ADORE both these children. I’ve been supportive and as involved with both our daughters’ pregnancies as they want.

However last week Ruth drops a bomb on us. She said that if we ever see June again or her baby, she won’t allow us in her child’s life. This shattered me. It’s kept me up every night. The thought of either of my grandchildren being deprived of loving grandparents is agonizing.

I know Ruth was deeply hurt by June’s actions, but I don’t know if we should be punished just for not cutting our kid off. How can any parent even consider disowning a child? We begged her to reconsider and said our love for them both isn’t conditional and we can’t just stop loving one, but she’s adamant.

I don’t want to accept Ruth’s terms, as it seems like no matter what we decide, we’re going to lose a daughter and grandchild. So I’d rather it not happen because we outright chose it. But I also don’t want Ruth to believe we’d just drop her in favor of June, because again, the thought crushes me.

WIBTA if I don’t comply with Ruth’s ultimatum?”

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