I’m not a parent, but every time I go out in public, all I see are kids with their faces glued to their phones…

Well, come to think of it, a lot of adults act the same way, too…

Nevertheless, the subject of this story is whether or not this mom was wrong for taking her daughter’s phone away.

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AITA for taking my daughter’s phone away?

“I have a daughter who recently turned 11. She has a different dad from the rest of my children.

Whenever one of my kids turns 12 I buy them their first phone which is usually a cheap phone because I don’t think a kid needs an expensive phone. She has been complaining recently and asking me to buy her a phone because all her friends have one. I told her she has to wait like her siblings did.

So imagine my surprise when today she came home from her dad’s and had a phone with her and not just a cheap phone, I don’t know much about phones but it looked expensive.

I was furious so I took her phone away and told her she is not getting it back until she turns 12.

She started to cry and called her dad who called me an a**hole for taking the phone away. I told him he had no right to buy that for her and she should have got a cheap phone at her 12th birthday like the rest of her siblings.”

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