One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people are late.

It drives me INSANE.

And I really don’t understand when people are late for work…or how they keep their jobs.

Take a look at this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page and see if you think this person was wrong for firing an employee who was always late.

I think I know where I stand…

AITA for firing a guy for “being late”?

“A guy I manage is ALWAYS late. 5-25 minutes, every time.

Generally speaking, its not a big deal and it has no effect on the operation, so i let it slide. These guys work on call, so even the most diligent guys are occasionally 5-10 minutes late. Most just call me, and give me a heads up beforehand.

However after noticing a pattern i spoke to this individual and said “if you are going to be late, i need you to call me. Just let me know, that way i can plan around it.”

Next time he is on duty, he shows up 25 minutes late. No call. I find him, and let him know that he is getting a “formal reprimand” and the next time he is late it will be a 10 day suspension. Thats the standard procedure.

He tells me he is sorry, and it wont happen again. But then two days later my HR director calls me and says a complaint was filed against me for harassment. The guy was claiming it was the 1st time he was ever late, and that it was less than 6 minutes. Also that i allow everyone else to be late. I explain the scenario to HR but they are skeptical, and make me withdraw my “formal reprimand”

Im pi**ed and i start digging through records and security footage for the past 30 days. I find emails where I documented conversations, and 5 instances of him showing up 30+ minutes late. I gather this all and send it to HR. They agree to reinstate the “formal reprimand”.

But i insist that we go after him for dishonesty and insubordination, both firable offenses. So, unless I withdraw those claims against him in the next 7days he will remain fired.

I am secure in my decision, but ive heard some other guys whispering about me being a “harda**”.

So, AITA?”

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