If you ask me, all cultures should be respected…but what happens when someone calls you out and specifically says that you disrespected theirs?

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AITA for not respecting someone’s culture?

“I am a manager of a small store. We have had several issues of fake $50 and $100

This man was paying $50 at our store. One of my newer younger collage age clerks checked to see if it was authentic by checking the watermark and a fraud pen.

The man went irate and was saying we were rude to check his money in front of him. He had a thick accent and was screaming at my clerk for a good 5 minutes over us checking the $50.

I finally had enough and handed him back his $50 and told him to come back when he learned some manners.

He said in his culture. It’s rude to question customers integrity how we do in America. He’s now screaming at me about being racist and not respecting cultural differences.

I told him during the pandemic. It is hard to find good help, and I appreciate good employees better than s**tty customers.

I told him to leave.

He called the store owner and complained to me.

The owner said it was uncalled for. I told the owner that if he can’t back up his employees during these difficult times, he can find a new manager.

The owner said I need to watch who I talk to because it makes me look culturally insensitive.

I said all cultures have their a**holes, and I’m not putting up with anyone disrespecting my employees. If you don’t like it, I can leave and find a different job.

We have already had issues with not having enough staff in management or with the clerks. So the owner let it slide.

Reddit, was I being an a**hole for not respecting someone’s culture and letting them scream at a teenager?”

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