Why oh why do people get so worked up over the decorations that other folks have in their yards?

It’s a total mystery to me! It’s not your house or yard, so just don’t worry about it.

But, as we all know, that’s not how a lot of people out there like to operate. They like to get into the business of other folks and try to tell them what to do.

Check out this story that someone shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page about a little bit of drama with a nosy neighbor.

AITA for telling my neighbor that I’d do what she asked, but I’d let people know why?

“So throughout quarantine I’ve been pretty bored so a few months ago I started dressing up some halloween skeletons in different outfits and setting up little scenes in my front yard.

A few of my neighbors have complimented it and the little kids in the neighborhood love it. It is technically against our HOA rules to have halloween decorations up this time of year but they’re pretty hands off unless someone complains.

Last week, my neighbor a few doors down brought up the HOA regulation, implying that she would report me if I didn’t stop putting up my decorations. I told her that I would take them down, but “I would let anyone who asked why I took them down exactly why I did it.”

She just kind of scoffed and stomped off.

I kept the decorations up, but I’m worried she’ll report me and I’ll a fine. My GF said that she was right and it is against the rules, which is true, and that it was kind of a threat but I’m not sure.


Hmmmm…now let’s see what Reddit users had to say about this.

One person came up with the idea to use the skeletons all year round for different holidays. Lord knows there are enough of them to go around these days!

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This reader said that if you’re gonna complain and spoil the fun, you deserve to be put on blast. Plain and simple.

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This reader said that HOA rules tend to be very annoying anyway and that this person sure does seem like a busybody.

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And finally, another Reddit user said that they have friends who are keeping up their Christmas tree and reusing it for Valentine’s Day!

Hey, not a bad idea!

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