Is there anything worse than a TV hog?

Well, yes, there is…but it’s still pretty darn annoying if you ask me!

And this person took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to see if they acted like a jerk when they got into it with their roommate’s boyfriend about hogging the tube.

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AITA for making a “thing” about my roommate’s BF hogging the TV?

“I’ve lived with my roommate “Abby” for almost 2 years without problems. We were friends before we moved in together and still are.

Well about 3-4 months ago Abby started dating “Mark”, I don’t really care for him much just because he seems slightly s**ist. It’s her life so whatever.

Thing is when he comes over and she’s busy with something else, he just helps himself to food and stuff. He’s eaten my leftovers in the fridge, but said he didn’t know and “thought it was for anyone ” whatever I let that go.

When he comes over and I’m watching TV and Abby is busy he’ll just take the remote and change the channel. The first time he did it I said “hey what are you doing I’m watching that” he was like “I just want to check the score” he tried keeping football on but I said “okay you seen the score now put my show back on” he sighed and turned it back. He’s done it other times too.

Then yesterday he came over after work and I was watching Friends, he grabs the remote and starts “channel surfing “. I said “dude what are you doing? I’m watching that” he said “that show’s all reruns and it’s a chick show let’s watch something else” I said “if you want to watch something else go in Abby’s room she has a TV in there too” “she’s still working(she wfh), I’m a guest so I should get to choose” “you’re not MY guest”. I turned Friends back on and he just sat there.

Well they left and did whatever, when Abby came back she yelled at me said that “she know’s I don’t like Mark but I was being a petty ahole and made him feel unwelcome “.

I mean granted it’s just TV and I don’t care that much, but I’m sick of him acting like he owns the place.

AITA should I have just let it go?”

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