Whatever you say, boss…

I’m kind of surprised that in this day and age, people still care about employees having tattoos…or anyone, really.

Yet, here we are…

And this person shared a story on Reddit about what happened when they were told they couldn’t show their tattoos anymore.

Let’s take a look.

All tattoos must be covered? Okay.

“Worked in a nursing home about 10 years ago as a RN on night shift.

Had two small upper forearm tattoos (text) upon hire, but usually wore a jacket to cover them. Was never an issue if I had my jacket off, always struck up a conversation about my ink and the meaning behind it.

One day, the director of nursing announced that ALL tattoos MUST be covered at all times as to “not offend the residents or visitors”. Okay, I worked at night, with patients who had some memory issues, so sure, whatever. Don’t wanna “offend” anyone.

Malicious compliance- towards the end of my shift, I remembered the new rule. Management would be in soon. I took two large pieces of silk tape and covered my tattoos to prove the point.

Management (noticing the tape on each forearm)- “dalek_max, what happened to your arms?”

Me- “oh well you guys made that new rule that all tattoos must be covered, so I covered mine.”

Management- “oh, I didn’t know you had tattoos.”

Me- “my point exactly. You noticed the tape yet never noticed my ink.”

Soon after, the rule was thrown out.”

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