By this point, you’ve most likely dealt with Square cash registers at a business or two because they’re pretty much everywhere these days.

And I’m gonna go on the record here about a couple of things: the first point I’d like to make is that I always try to tip well when I go out to eat or get something delivered. And even when I get a cup of coffee I throw a buck or two into the jar.

But I’m kind of torn about tipping at some places…like if I just buy something at a counter, like a canned drink or a candy bar…

But, let’s get to the story.

A man shared a video about how Square registers basically guilt customers into tipping for things they wouldn’t usually tip for when they check out.

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And you know people had some serious thoughts about this video.

Now check out what folks on TikTok had to say.

This person had a pretty interesting take on the situation.

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Another viewer said they shouldn’t expect the same tip as a waiter or a waitress.

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This guy said you can always just choose 0% on the tip screen if you want to…

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And this TikTokker said that tipping culture is all about corporations not wanting to pay their employees a good salary.

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Okay, you know the drill…

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