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AITA for giving my sister-in-law baby formula?

“I’m going to start my post by saying that I don’t have kids and I have no experience with babies or motherhood or children.

I’m 18 and beyond being around them in group settings where at least one of the parents and a ton of other people are around that’s it. Just for some context to my post.

My brother’s wife had a baby 17 days ago. I didn’t go visit them yet but my brother and SIL sent me some pictures. My brother said our cousin Rachel was around a lot because my SIL is having trouble breastfeeding and Rachel is a big believer in it and is helping her. I offered to help them if I needed it and on Saturday they asked me to go to grocery store for them because no home delivery had an open spot.

When I dropped the food off I was shocked at how bad my SIL looked. She literally looked like the walking d**d. Barely awake and not showered and she was actually crying because she was so frustrated.

It actually scared me how bad she looked. At first I didn’t want to butt in but it bothered me so much I went back to the store and got a can of baby formula. I figured it would give her a break and my niece could eat.

It was even worse when I gave it to my SIL because I said it was no big deal if my niece got formula, it wasn’t a problem. My SIL broke down and I was honestly scared because she was weeping. Like in the movies when someone d**s kind of weeping. No one told her it was okay not to breastfeed. She felt so guilty because of Rachel butting in and no one telling her formula was okay.

I actually ripped my brother a new one because he sat back while my SIL suffered. There was no way he didn’t see how bad she looked (no offense but she looked terrible). I got my SIL to shower after my niece ate and fell asleep and I changed the sheets on the bed and told my SIL to sleep while my niece slept and I said I would get more baby formula.

I thought I did the right thing because my SIL actually stopped crying, showered and slept and the next three days she looked better and didn’t cry again. My niece gets full. My idiot brother smartened up and told Rachel to stay away and everyone else especially our parents and SILs parents to butt out. They take turns feeding so they both can sleep.

My parents and Rachel are furious at me. SILs sister was in agreement with Rachel and left me an angry voicemail full of swearing. Rachel basically had SIL holding the baby while topless 24/7 and my dumba** brother sat there and didn’t help with the baby at all.

Rachel breastfed all her kids until they could walk and talk and never had problems but my SIL obviously did. My dad said I overstepped and should not have butted in. Normally I’m big on MYOB but this time I was scared s**tless after seeing SIL on Saturday.

Since I’m not a mother or baby expert I have no idea what it is like with a newborn. I’m second guessing now after feeling like I did the right thing because everyone is angry with me and say I should MYOB.”

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