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AITA because boyfriend’s family wants a contract to protect him in this house?

“So I’m buying a house. I’m in closing now, waiting for attorneys office. House and finance is solely in my name. Bank won’t allow otherwise.

My boyfriend’s family (since he is moving in with me) is all upset because his name can’t be on the house. He has 0 credit and couldn’t be on it anyway nor do I want him on it.

They are trying to see if an attorney or something will contract something even away from the bank where is we break up he will get his $ back he puts into the house. My attorney already said they will not do that so now they are wondering if a attorney not associated with the deal will contract something..

They can’t do this right? The house and deed and financing is solely my name. He has nothing on it but if he puts $ into it now I have to be held responsible for paying him back in the event of a breakup.

He already said he ‘isn’t moving into a house where his name isn’t on it’ due to immense paranoia from his past relationships.

Am I the a**hole?”

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