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AITA for uninviting MIL’s fiancée to my wedding after he threatened to pour wine on me?

“For some background we aren’t very close to MIL or her fiancé. She feels we took FILs side in the divorce and she has always kept her distance.

The other day we were at my fiancé’s grandparents house. MILs sister made a joke that MIL should be one of those MILs and wear white. MIL just laughed. It doesn’t really seem like something she would do but I added that my bridesmaids would soak her in wine if she did.

MILs fiancé said that would be hilarious because he would destroy my wedding gown. I asked what he meant and he said he would empty a bottle on me if any of my stupid friends did anything to her. MIL tried to move the conversation along but I have anxiety about stuff like that and it was bothering me. I said he can’t come to the wedding because I can’t trust him.

MIL called me this morning and wanted to confirm if I was serious. I said I was (not the first incident, he has been rude in the past) MIL started crying and said she isn’t going to be around her ex husband without him. I said that was pretty vain but her choice.

Now MIL isn’t coming, which we don’t care too much but her whole side of the family is furious. Her dad might not come now which will bother my fiancé.”

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This person made it simple: everyone in this story sucks and they’re all to blame.

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This reader agreed that everyone is pretty bad in this story and argued that the person who wrote the post is just as much to blame as everyone else.

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Another individual said that everyone here is to blame…except for the mother-in-law.

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Lastly, this person was adamant that the mother-in-law definitely did not do anything wrong but that everyone else involved is an a**hole. Boom!

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