I’ve never worked as a waiter, but I’ve spent plenty of time working in kitchens and listening to the complaints of the wait staff, so I have a pretty good idea of how rude some customers can be.

And this story from Reddit about a server giving a bad customer the business will make you laugh and you’ll want to give your waiter or waitress a big, fat tip next time you go out to eat.

Let’s take a look at what went down.

Give me a hard time when I’m serving you and your friends? Okay.

“Years ago I worked at a busy, corporate sit-down burger restaurant.

One day I’m hustling through the lunch rush and I have six college guys sit down. One guy flags me over and loudly pronounces that they’re ready to order right away.

“What are you guys having?” I ask.

“Guys?” the same guy says with a smirk on his face. “Guys? That doesn’t sound like a very professional greeting to me. I work at a restaurant too and if I walked up to a table and asked ‘What are you guys having?’ my manager would definitely let me know that was inappropriate.”

The other guys at the table look kind of uncomfortable at this exchange, and just silently sit there. The main guy looks around at all of them and keeps going.

“Why don’t you come up to us again and do it right?”

At this point I’m looking around at my massive section of tables and getting the distinct feeling I’m going to be at this table forever. I’m trying not to lose my cool, so I smile.

“Sure,” I say. I take several steps back and walk up again. “Gentleman, how you all doing? Ready to order?”

The main guy smirks and nods. I look directly at him.

“How about you, Chief? What are you having today?”

Some of the other guys laugh. He looks angrily at me but orders his burger and a drink. I get everyone’s order and hustle off.

I return with drinks a little while later. I set everyone’s drinks down and do the main guy last.

“Here you go, Boss.”

I leave before he can say anything. Through the course of their meal I call him a different nickname every time.

“You need a refill, Pal?”

“How’s your burger, Buddy?”

“Need more ketchup, Bro?”

“Can I get that plate out of your way, Dude?”

“Any dessert for you, Amigo?”

“Need me to split your check, Brother?”

“Make sure to leave me one signed copy, Muchacho.”

So by this time this guy is boiling. His friends are loving it though. As time has gone on, the rest of them keep looking at me expectantly. What nickname next?

Finally, they all get up to leave. Lunch rush has ended and I’m chilling at this point. I casually walk up to them.

“Thank you gentlemen for coming in.”

The rest of the group is smiling. I look at the main guy.

“And you…you have a fantastic day…Hoss.”

The rest of the guys cheer. They all head out. I grab all their receipts on the table. Surprise, surprise, the main guy left me zero for a tip. I didn’t care. It was all worth it.”

Hahaha. Hey o! Let’s see how folks on Reddit reacted to this story.

This person made a good point: the guy was such a jerk he probably wasn’t going to tip anyway, so the server might as well have made fun of him.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Another Reddit user stated the obvious: this guy was obviously never a server before, or he wouldn’t have acted like such a d**k.

Photo Credit: Reddit

This reader made another good point: you really shouldn’t mess the people who are going to be serving or making your food

You never know what might come over them…

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This person said the rude guy’s friends should have tipped extra to offset this jerk’s actions.

I agree!

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Lastly, this Reddit user said that this guy was acting like an a**hole simply to act like an a**hole.

Some people are just rude, through and through.

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You gotta love it!

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How did you treat them?

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