It makes sense that teachers learn a lot from their students.

But day in and day out might get a little dull.

Sometimes they might liven things up by playing a prank on their students.

I remember once in Catholic school, the priest came on the intercom to tell my 4th grade teacher that he was God, and she owed him 10%, because she had gone to a casino over the weekend and apparently hit it big.

Or maybe a teacher will try to keep things interesting by performing their own experiments through social observation.

But when one sophomore English teacher tried trick her students into proving a lesson, it backfired hilariously.

First reported on Tumblr by user @solarmorrigan, the story goes like this:

Image credit: Cheezburger

Nice setup by the teacher.

Very “nothing to see here folks, I’m just going to leave this mouse trap right here and casually walk away whistling.”

Image credit: Cheezburger

Clearly, she underestimated her advanced class. This is not their first day.

Image credit: Cheezburger

Aww, see, they just needed permission to let loose a little.

Image credit: Cheezburger

Maybe the problem is that taking the teacher out of the classroom didn’t remove the omnipresent authority of the school.

After all, teachers next door might hear the commotion. And she would be back and would find the balloons popped.

Or maybe the advanced students had more self-discipline than the teacher expected.

Either way, the Stanford Prison Experiment this was NOT.

What do you think–given more time would someone have broken down and popped a balloon? What would you have done? Tell us in the comments.