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AITA for leaving half my house to my daughter?

“I am 35 (f) years old and have been diagnosed with an incurable illness that will end things. I am married and have a beautiful 4 year old. I have a loving husband but in this world, my daughter is who I love most.

I told my husband that he should remarry after I am gone (he says he won’t but it’s ok, I know he is paying me lip service). We have a home that we purchased together, split the costs 50/50.

When making my will, I was discussing with my husband that the home we live in (all the future equity or whatever), that no matter if he remarried, HALF (my portion) will belong to our daughter and that I am putting a stipulation that he not be able to sell the property until she turns 18. I am also planning on having my younger brother be in charge to make sure it happens.

He can do with his portion what he likes. Husband is now giving me a hard time saying that I dont trust him to look after our daughter and he should have financial freedom to be able to refinance if he wants or sell/move if he finds a good job elsewhere in the future.

I am just trying to protect my daughter because I know what can happen to the kids when their remaining parent remarries and no one has their back. I am not saying my husband will become that way but I can’t see the future.

This house is worth a lot and will be worth substantially more in 14 years when she is 18. His family members are saying I am being difficult and manipulative.

AITA for putting this stipulation on my portion of the house after d**th?”

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This reader said that this decision doesn’t really sound like a good one.

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Another person said that this might actually end up being a burden on the daughter instead of helping her.

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This Reddit user said that the woman might be doing this to make sure that a potential future wife of her husband won’t influence anything.

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And this individual made a good recommendation: this woman needs to talk to a lawyer ASAP.

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