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AITA for taking my son to get pedicures instead of my husband?

“For the first time since last year, my 46F husband 48M have a three day weekend! We were discussing what we wanted to do that day, and i suggested that we go get pedicures since I wanted to get a manicure that day anyway.

My husband normally goes with me every other month to get pedicure, so I made the appointment. We also made plans to do some shopping and go to a late lunch/early dinner when we were done.

Last week my husband told me that his friend Jeff needed his help on Friday (the same day that we had our pedicure/shopping date), and I told him that we had plans that day. My husband asked if I could change the appointment time, so I called the salon and they said they were booked full until the following day.

I told my husband this and he said that his friend needs his help, maybe we could go another time. So I told him that was fine, he could go help his friend and asked my son 18M if he wanted to go instead. My son agreed and we have a whole mother/son day planned.

My husband is now upset with me, and basically said that I was being over dramatic and inconsiderate. I disagreed and told him that this is not the first time he has ditched me for Jeff.

Last month we had plans to take care of a project in our house, and he ditched me to go bring Jeff a ladder and help him clean his gutters so I ended up doing the project myself. He also brings him to date nights because “he is all alone and has no girlfriend or other friends.”

I told my husband that I was tired of him putting his friendship with Jeff over spending time with me, and that it only seems like he needs his help on days when we have something planned to do together.

This has happened at least 15 times in the last 6 months. The first couple times, I was okay with it because i feel like if someone needs help, and you can help, it is a nice thing to do, but after the 4th or 5th time, I felt like he was taking advantage.

My husband said that we could go again next weekend, and I told him that we could do something else, but that I am now looking forward to my mother/son day and that I wasn’t canceling. Now he is pouting and making me feel guilty about it.

AITA for changing our date to a mother/son day because he wants to help his friend?”

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