It’s hard to imagine that in this day and age some folks still get worked up about breastfeeding…especially when it’s not even their kids!

But, as you know, some people just can’t help but stick their noses into the business of other folks, so here we are.

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AITA? In laws have a problem with me breastfeeding my son!

“I had a baby boy 9 weeks ago.

I wanted to have a few weeks alone with just my husband our other son and my newborn without any visitors as we had a tough labour experience and I was Breastfeeding and finding it hard. Eventually after 4 weeks we agreed to let my son meet his grandmother.

We got in and my husbands 2 sisters and their kids were all there and were passing around my son and making him upset so we left. We have seen them a few times since then and every single time they ask when I’m going to stop breastfeeding so they can take him. First of all I now enjoy breastfeeding as I enjoy the closeness with my son and the alone time and to be honest I like having an excuse to take him back and not let him go off without me for now.

I originally only planned to breastfeed for the first 6 weeks which they all hated me doing it that long but since then I have decided to continue till hes 6 months. My husband is fully supportive over this and has said it to his family on more than one occasion that as long as I want to breastfeed my child I will continue doing so.

Then came ester Sunday. I was feeding in the corner on my own no where near anyone else with my dress covering my son no one could see anything when his sister came over with a blanket and asked me to cover up as her husband was awkward about me feeding my son.

The younger sister said it was ridiculous I’m still feeding him breastmilk at 9 weeks and he should be on bottles and their mother is so upset cause all she wants is to bring him off for walks and sleepovers and she can’t because of me. They gave me the ultimatum either bottle feed him or they will not be attending his Christening next month or any other family events till I stop.

I was very upset but I never saw my husband so angry he told them all that’s fine but don’t expect to see the kids again till they grow up and then we left their house. I got loads of horrible abusive messages saying It was my fault because before my husband met me he was so close to his whole family especially his mother and they all loved his ex girlfriend who he was with for 10 years before me better than me and he made a mistake leaving her.

So am I the *sshole?

Should I give in and move my son to bottles for their convenience or should I stand my ground. Up until I had my son I was very close with my husbands family and loved them very much and all this is upsetting everyone involved.”

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This person called it like they see it: this woman’s in-laws SUCK.

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Another reader said that in-laws wanting to have sleepovers with babies is totally inappropriate.

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This individual argued that the woman has to be careful and she should be thinking about the health of her child first and foremost.

And they said the baby is way too young to have a sleepover away from its mother.

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Finally, another reader said that the woman’s in-laws seem very toxic and that she should actually block all of them until they come to their senses.

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