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AITA for telling my insane co-worker that she was not victimized by a literal baby?

“I (28F) work with another woman (33F) who is extremely pregnant at the moment.

She is on maternity leave and is taking time off right now, but she is very dedicated to keeping our entire office keyed in to every little detail of her pregnancy. She spams her ultrasounds and updates and baby bump pictures to the office group chat constantly. She also has already had the baby shower and is still requesting more stuff for the baby from us.

She treats the baby like it’s a child, playing Mozart and playing a math podcast to it so it will come out with a higher IQ. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when she showed up at the office for “bring your kids to work day” to make it about her pregnancy. Even though her “kid” has yet to be born. She started showing all the children her pregnant belly and telling them about it.

My other co-worker brought her baby too, who is a boy and 1.5 years old. My pregnant co-worker approached him and told him there’s a baby inside her, pointing at her stomach. She was wearing a dress.

The boy misunderstood since he’s a literal baby and tried to look up her dress to see it. My co-worker was shocked and screamed at him and startled him, causing him to start crying and shrieking and to run to his mom.

The mom was furious and started yelling at my pregnant co-worker that she’s a lunatic and saying why is she even here since her kid isn’t born yet. My pregnant co-worker started screaming back that this is how predators start out and that she’s the victim and the baby needs to be controlled.

She turned to me for backup, and I told her she’s insane thinking she’s been victimized by a literal baby. She yelled at me that it’s no excuse and I’m enabling.

Both my co-workers were asked to leave by security. I’m pretty sure her reaction to a baby looking up her dress to find the baby was insane, but maybe I’m losing it.


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