All those gifts are gone with the wind!

Sometimes, I think little white lies are the best way to go so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings…

But that’s definitely not what happened here.

Read this story and see if you think this woman was a jerk for telling people that her husband sold all their baby shower gifts.


AITA for telling everyone that my husband sold all my baby shower gifts?

“I’ve (27) been with my husband (32) for 3 years, we’re expecting our first baby together.

Long story short, my family and friends decided to throw me a baby shower and brought me a variety of gifts which consisted mainly of baby care essentials. I stored everything in the storage area but woke up the next day and they were all gone. I freaked out and called my husband, he didn’t pick up so I waited til he got back.

He got back with money in his hands, I told him my baby shower gifts were gone and he said he took them and sold them. All of them the baskets, books, pyjamas, diper pack, pacifiers, stuff worth 50-100s of dollars. I asked him why and he said because he wanted to help his friend get his van fix so they could go on a trip next week.

I started yelling at him saying that I needed those things for our baby but he said we already have a nursery full of essentials then said he had no choice because his friends threatened to exclude him from the tri if he didn’t help fix the van. I had a fight with him and he said I was overreacting. I told everyone know what he did and he started getting calls and texts from them basically calling him names and shaming him.

He yelled at me saying I f**ked up and acted immaturely by exposing him to everyone and sending them after him. He said that is his baby too and he is entitled to half those gifts. He believes I told them a sob story and ruined his reputation. He left and has been staying with a friend refusing to return my calls til I fix my mistake.

I was so mad and probably done the wrong thing.


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