Living in your late 20’s is a pretty surreal time, and it only gets more surreal when you start to realize just how different your life is from the one that your parents probably expected you to have; from the one that they had.

What can you do with the sort of existential dread that stems from such a revelation? I don’t know. Cry. Drink. Make memes?

Yeah, let’s just go ahead and make memes.

10. Bond, financial bond

I’m sorry, you have $60,000 in savings?!

9. The big move

If I never stop jutting around, nobody can catch me.

8. You’re grounded

Best of luck with that, me.

7. Clean up your act

Just gotta plan for when I want my life to get boring.

6. True grit

It’s rough, and it’s course, and it gets everywhere.

5. I gotta be me

Nobody can tell me what to do, not even the person who is the me.

4. Small miracles

This sentence makes my stomach hurt for some reason.

3. Different strokes

These are a few of my favorite things.

2. My accomplishments

Oh no, we’ve achieves full recursion!

1. The music within

It’s gotten like five streams this month on Spotify so I guess you could say it’s all been worth it.

What are we do with these feelings? Beats me. But remember: it’s your life. You can live it however you want.

What’s the biggest difference between you and your parents?

Tell us in the comments.