Everyone’s got a celebrity “list” right?

People that it wouldn’t technically be cheating to cheat with?

It’s a fun, easy little joke because we all know it’s never going to happen.

Well recently a couple of boomers got in on the joke with a little video that their son posted to TikTok.

The Meles are a family of pranksters.

For this particular prank, wife Karen made a Power Point presentation called “Men I would replace my husband with,” and called her husband Frank over to see.

Image Credit: TikTok

Unimpressed, Frank assumes that the title slide is the joke and that his picture will be on the next slide.

He advances the presentation while his son Joe, filming the exchange, giggles in the background.

The next slide was not Frank.

Image credit: TikTok

As he advances through the slides, and their son continues to cackle, Karen names off the celebs: “Jason, Gerard, Dwayne.”

Frank was far from amused.

“What, are you on a first name basis with these guys?”

Image credit: TikTok

Eventually they get to a slide that is actually what Frank had expected all along–a picture of himself.

That soothes him a bit. He relaxes and nods his head.

You can tell he wants to say, “Aw, that’s sweet.”

Perhaps he assumed the prank was over, that the prank was pretending there were all these other men but that Karen was actually saving the best for last (him).

Except Frank’s picture wasn’t the last one!

Watch the full video here:



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Joe found it hilarious enough to upload to TikTok and so far over 6.7 million viewers agree.

Personally, my husband hates practical jokes (watch out April Fool’s Day!), and he would not have been amused by this little stunt.

What do you think? Should Frank seek his sweet revenge in a follow-up? Tell us in the comments.