When I was growing up, my two older sisters worked at the same restaurant in the town where we lived and every night it was the same routine: my younger brother and I would try to tune them out and watch TV while they rehashed the day and complained about the terrible customers they had that day.

This happened EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We told them they should just go ahead and write a book about it, which was actually a pretty good idea…hey, we were ahead of our time…

Anyway, the point is that waiters have a tough job and they have to deal with a lot of bozos, especially the ones who are bad tippers.

Here are some photos that should make your blood boil…

1. Gee, thanks a lot.

Not to belittle that, but no one should do this.

Thanks for your service, I guess
byu/byrobot intrashy

2. God obviously didn’t bless you this night…

Nice try, though.

What my coworker was given tonight
byu/_ellesdee intrashy

3. Not getting paid enough.

To deal with BS.

I was tipped at Wisconsin state fair, I don’t get paid enough to deal with this.
byu/amorprincess inmildlyinfuriating

4. Thank you for what?

What are they supposed to do with this?


5. I don’t know who Kyle Massey is…

But this is a major d*ck move.

Kyle Massey not tipping his server and laughing about it. Then his girlfriend posts it on her story to show it off, what a bag of dicks.
byu/here4internetpoints intrashy

6. They want it all and they don’t even tip.

Does this look familiar?

Table of 7 that came in 30 minutes before close they were the last table in the restaurant and got everything they asked for from me this is how they repaid that service
byu/Fattest_Buddha intrashy

7. Yeah, so do they!

What a totally lame excuse.

Using having kids as an excuse not to tip servers who may also have kids to feed
byu/_Atoms_Apple intrashy

8. Total creep.

Just ask for a pen.

A Facebook friend proudly posts lack of tipping and creating a mess for the server
byu/liz_laugh_luv intrashy

9. No thank you, sir!

And I’m sure no one else wants it, either.

The guy who left this receipt
byu/imoldgreg1234 intrashy

10. What a comedian.

Wow, you’re hilarious! Thanks for the lame joke…

Stiffing your server to get a laugh
byu/Clamdigger13 intrashy

11. Some people just don’t understand.

And I doubt they ever will…

Learn English? How about learn how to write.
byu/jager__bombs intrashy

12. No tip because of that?

You have some serious issues.

This tip I got last night
byu/Cdm_15 intrashy

I bet that brings back some bad memories for you folks out there who used or still work in the service industry.

Well, get some of that off your chest and tell us about some really terrible tips and customers you had in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!