You never want to embarrass your kids and you never want to embarrass your family.

And sometimes you do it unintentionally…

And now this husband is wondering if he went too far in scolding his wife after he thinks she did something embarrassing.

Take a look at what went down.

AITA for telling my wife it’s embarrassing she gave our daughter’s bus driver cookies?

“Some important details.

My wife is very shy but enjoys giving and is all gung ho about showing appreciation to workers she assume aren’t appreciated or recognized. she tries to pass these beliefs onto our kids.

because she’s too silent to show her appreciation she does it through gifts, usually baked goods.

I’ve been embarrassed about it in the past.

our oldest rode the school bus for the first time. my wife was waiting at the stop with our daughter and had her hand the bus driver a bag of homemade cookies. then when she picked her up from the stop in the afternoon, she gave a bag to the afternoon driver. I asked why she did that when she could easily have just said thank you and left it at that.

She said the bus drivers work so hard having to comfort all the nervous kids and handling the unbehaved one while driving they deserve more than a thanks. I reminded her that this has embarrassed me in the past and I think her behaviors are too extreme.

I wouldn’t want gifts from someone I don’t know. she ignored how I felt. I contacted some people in my life to see if I was just the crazy one here and most of my friends and my mom agree, my wife’s way of showing thanks just makes everyone uncomfortable.


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