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AITA for yelling at my mum for opening one of my wife’s letters?

“My wife has a complicated relationship with her dad, to say the least.

She grew up in a single-parent household in an extremely rough neighbourhood. Her dad always tried their best to provide for her and her brothers. He is currently serving a life sentence. Despite this, she still has fond memories of her dad.

Every year around her birthday, she receives a letter from her dad. She’s never opened one of them, but she does keep them. I don’t know the reason why, and I frankly don’t care. It’s her dad, with whom she has formed a deep emotional connection. These letters are kept in a marked box somewhere in our closet.

My mum h**es the fact that my wife is from a poorer, rougher neighbourhood. She’s made insensitive comments in the past surrounding my wife’s upbringing – everything from insinuating my wife is a gold-digger, to calling my wife’s brother “one of them.”

When my mum discovered that my wife’s father is in jail, her comments only got worse. I didn’t speak to my mum for years because of her behaviour.

This past year, my mum seems to have had “a change of heart,” of sorts and has been rather supportive. She reached out and apologised for her past actions, and has actually shown that she’s changed. Her apology doesn’t necessarily make up for the years of comments towards my wife, and I don’t think our relationship will ever fully restore, but I do appreciate her genuine support and effort.

A few days ago, my mum showed up at our door, completely unannounced. I wasn’t home at the time, but my wife didn’t seem to have a problem with her presence and offered her a cup of tea. It’s good to mention that our house is a bit of a mess right because we are in the process of moving out.

Somehow and someway, my mum found the box containing the letters from her father. She opened one, then got mad at my wife for “talking to a dirty criminal” (keep in mind that my wife has never opened these letters and has no clue what they say inside.)

When I come home, I find my mum ripping up the letters while yelling at my wife. My wife is silent, so I step in to try and calm my mum down. To get my mum to listen to me, I end up yelling at my mum to shut up. It takes her almost an hour to calm down and leave.

The next day, I get a call from my family members, calling my wife a terrible person and that my mum did the right thing by ripping them up. My brother tells me I had no right to yell at my mum like that, and that I should apologise to her.

My wife thinks I should apologise and is starting to believe that maybe my mum was right.”

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