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AITA for eating Indian food at work and p**sing off the HR director?

“So my friend is of Indian descent and she had a small get together for her birthday a few days ago. Her mom is an excellent cook and made all of the food for the get-together and gave me a bunch of leftovers to take home.

Yesterday I was running late for work and grabbed two veggie samosas to take with me for lunch. Lunchtime rolls around and I grab my samosas from the fridge in the breakroom, I decide to eat them cold because I had to get a lot of work done and was in a rush and the microwave in the breakroom is really old (I also didn’t want the room to smell like spices although i love indian food lol).

So I get back to my desk and start eating, the HR director walks into my office area because she needs to speak with my supervisor. Note that HR director where I work is a pretty unpleasant person and is generally unapproachable. She coldly asks where my supervisor is. I say that she’s not in the office today but is available by email probably.

She then glares at me and goes, “Are you eating Indian food? That’s disgusting. I could smell it down the hall.” and turns her nose up. I go, “I didn’t heat it up” and at this point I’m scared because I’ve clearly p**sed her off. I turn to my coworker across the desk and ask if the samosas smell bad and she looks at me and shakes her head no, and then looks back at the HR director.

The HR director then goes, “that smell is making me nauseous. Throw it out.” I then go, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it smelled, isn’t your office downstairs?”. She then glares at me and goes, “It’s creating a disturbance and I don’t appreciate your tone. I asked you to throw it out.” and stared at me until I tossed it into the garbage.

Was I the a**hole?”

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