Whenever there’s even a whisper of a “favorite child” in a family, you know there are gonna be some issues.

And this teenage girl called out her parents for exactly this reason.

Was she wrong for doing this?

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AITA for telling my parents they’re not meant to make it obvious who their favourite child is?

“I’m 16 f.

I have a 20 month old younger brother, we’ll call him Jack, who is pretty much the light of my parents life. I understood that when he came along, I wouldn’t have my parents’ undivided attention, or even much of it in the first few years of his life but I didn’t really understand how much would really change.

It started when he was about 6 months old, they asked me if I would take the smaller bedroom and move Jack into mine, they have pretty valid reasons so I did agree and took the smaller room. My room was fairly bare when it was the bigger one, was just my bed, a bit of decoration, wardrobe, dresser and in that room my TV was wall mounted but my dad kept forgetting to wall mount it in the new room so it was on the dresser.

I do prefer the smaller room, it’s easier to keep clean, cozier. The room was just kind of the start of the whole “your brother needs more” think. It was kind of just giving my brother snacks that I kept in the fridge/hotpress for a while. Then it turned into can we give your brother  (insert thing I use regularly).

Most recently it was my TV and chromceast. This is kind of what takes the cake for me. My brother slept in my parents room for the first 6 months and got used to falling asleep with the TV on, then until about a month ago, it was his iPad propped on his dresser. He ended up breaking his iPad, because hes 1, he shouldn’t even have one.

My parents decided they were going to take my TV to make my brother sleep, so they did, only it’s not a smart TV and I used it mainly for my switch, PlayStation and had a chromecast to watch things with. So they decided to take the chromecast too.

I got pretty pi**ed about this, they didn’t even ask this time and when I brought it up they said I’m saving for a new one anyways (I am saving for a smaller one, but I’m a bit off still) so I’d only need to wait another few months. I asked them how they expect my brother to sleep in say a hotel or at a sleepover if they don’t break the habit now. They said they don’t know but they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it.

I eventually asked what I’m meant to use my PlayStation on and that said I can just wait until I get myself a new one. I asked about the chromecast, same thing, I’ll have to get myself a nrw one, no compensation. Eventually I got annoyed and said “You know, you’re allowed to have favourites but you’re not meant to make it so obvious who it is.”

They both got pretty pi**ed at me for implying they have a favourite child to begin with. They think im a huge a**hole for that alone, and saying i want my TV back.


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