Oh, get over yourself!

Every single time I’ve said those words to someone, it never ended well.

But sometimes people need to hear it for one reason or another.

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AITA for telling my fiance to get over himself?

“I’m engaged to my fiance (Sam/41) and we’re getting married soon.

I will say that he was married before and had a 13 year old son who passed away 4 years ago. Let me tell you he is still pretty much grieving, not judging him for that but his grieving can and will cloud his thinking sometimes.

We’re currently in the wedding planning phase, he asked that we “reserve” a chair at the venue for his deceased son. I was dumbfounded when I heard this but he said that he knows his son will be there for him spiritually and he’d like to reserve a seat for him out of respect and to make him feel “included”, I tried to be gentle because this seemed insane and told him we can’t do that because guests will be asking questions and will think he’s mentally unstable.

I asked him to let go of this idea but he offered a compromise by leaving the last chair (in the very back) empty so no one will notice. I felt uneasy and asked him to just let it go but he kept bringing it up saying he gets a say since it’s his wedding and his son was and will always be family, I had a fight with him telling him it’s my wedding too and I don’t people to laugh at us. he said I have nothing to lose if I say yes and that I’m being selfish.

I snapped and told him to get over himself and he got quiet suddenly and stopped arguing then shut down completely. I then heard him sob while he was smoking outside and refused to speak to me, didn’t even let me sit with him. he has been like this ever since the fight and has been avoiding me.

I could have blown this out of proportion but I thought his request will weird out many guests and make our wedding a laughing stock.


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