We hear a lot out there about what overweight people have to deal with on a daily basis and I think that those folks need to be heard in a major way.

But what about really skinny people? What are some of the issues they deal with?

AskReddit users discussed problems skinny guys have that are usually not talked about.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. You’re gonna wither away!

“Every time going over to the in-laws house…you’re so skinny you need to eat more.

Always having people say “eat more.””

2. You doing okay?

“When you get sick, there’s not much weight to lose before it starts looking a bit scary.”

3. Painful.

“My spouse often complains of “bench butt” because he doesn’t have the butt padding to sit on hard surfaces for long periods of time.”

4. Not happening.

“It’s uncomfortable for my girlfriend to rest her head on my shoulder.

That shoulder bone is so godd**n prominent.”

5. One more.

“You have to make an extra hole on every belt.

It sucks.”

6. Be gentle.

“People think you’ll break under a minimum amount of pressure.

“I don’t want to hit him, he will break” -some sparring partner.”

7. I’m freezing!

“Going swimming in water other people say is “just fine” can feel cold enough to make your joints ache when you’re skinny.”

8. Watch problems.

“Most nice Watches won’t fit without it sliding down your arm when you lift it.

Either that or you’ll need to really adjust it to fit on your wrist.”

9. Wow.

“Apparently lanky men have a higher chance of suffering pneumothorax/collapsed lungs.

A couple of years ago, I suffered a collapsed lung and the doctors told me that men with my body type are just susceptible to it.”

10. Too bad.

“Makes women I dated feel insecure about their weight.

Even if they are 150 lbs they feel like they are overweight.”

11. Hard to find.

“Not finding clothes that fit properly.

They have tall-and-large stores but not a skinny-but-not-child-size.

I’m not even that tall.”

12. Weird.

“I’m a cyclist. With the calories I burn, I can’t put on weight.

However, cycling builds some CHUNKY quads and calves. What fits my waist NEVER fits my Quads.

What goes around my quads is nearly 6 sizes too large for my waist.”

13. Be careful.

“Al**hol is 3x as effective.

I am currently 20 kg overweight and I haven’t gotten dr**k in a long time.

But when I was slightly underweight I would get hammered with just a little.”

14. Lame.

“Emasculating thin or short men is an acceptable “joke”.

Gets old.”

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