It’s time to sweep all the negativity under the rug, at least for a few minutes.

Because even though we need to focus on the bad stuff from time to time in order to try to fix some of it, we also need a break from it for our mental health.

And we’re about to do just that!

Folks on AskReddit talked about positive things going on in the world right now.

Let’s take a look.

1. Who doesn’t love trees?

“The Cherokee Nation allowed genetically modified chestnut trees to be planted on land they manage in order to restore the American Chestnut tree.

I think that’s flippin’ great!”

2. I like this!

“North American big game animals are making a comeback.

Bison, elk, moose, and deer are all doing quite well.”

3. Breakthroughs.

“Despite the calamitous year of 2020 breakthroughs in the following occurred and are further being developed in 2021.

Fusion energy, solar panel efficiency, solid state batteries, 3D printed building technology, vertical farming and first steps towards scalable technology in removing CO2 from the atmosphere and thereby repairing the damage done.”

4. Sober is good.

“After a decade of severe al**holism, my husband finally got sober and has been consistently working towards improving his mental health.

Yesterday marked 5 months since his last drink.”

5. Lovin’ it!

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made more and more employers understand that it’s possible to allow people to work from home full time without any significant performance impact.

So far this has been a true blessing for me, since I no longer have to endure a totally horrendous and exhausting two-hour commute by train every day.

What’s even better, I don’t have to work in an open space office, which means no more loud and obnoxious coworkers to tolerate, no more constant distractions and no chronic anxiety.”

6. To space and beyond.

“This decade will probably be the most exciting decade in terms of space exploration since the Apollo era.

We’ll get a high-res, colour image moon landing, space tourism and hopefully humans on mars by the end of the 2030s.”

7. Awareness.

“Mental Health has been given so much more respect after everyone felt a some sense of depression with the pandemic.

Not the same thing as chronic depression of course, but the stigma of admitting how difficult it is and the suffering people deal with has been lifted somewhat.”

8. Losing religion.

“More people than ever before are leaving institutional religion.

This is probably one of the greatest signs that people are self-actualizing further than any other point in human history.

The meaningfulness this not only brings the individual striving, but also the collective, is unprecedented.”

9. The first steps.

“Yesterday I took the first steps to create a transitional housing community for domestic a**se survivors.

It will probably be a few years and lots of work to get it up and running but step one is done and the idea is out of my brain and on paper for the first time!”

10. Great news.

“Last year Africa officially eradicated polio.

We’re close to eradicating it everywhere, a once horrible disease will be consigned to history where it belongs soon.”

11. Feed me.

“Lab grown meat, baby!

Pretty soon we’ll be saving a LOT of the space and emissions that livestock cost.

Not to mention the ethical advantages.”

12. Improvements.

“Entrepreneurs are cleaning plastic from waterways.

See like a half dozen electric cars everytime I go out.

Bitcoin is cutting the fat from traditional banking infrastructures.

Bladeless wind turbines.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

13. We all got this!


Being alive, being able to see to feel and to move. Probably having food around. A roof above you (unless you’re outside). People around you. Who you can talk to, or not, depending on whatever you want or like.

You see that-> having opinions, do whatever you want and having a choise. That realization is positive. Use it. Be yourself and rock on.

You got this.”

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