Generation Z refers to people born between 1997 and 2012.

They’ve grown up in a unique time and they have their own beliefs, interests, and experiences.

So it’s only natural that the way they live is bound to confuse older folks.

Let’s hear from people about what confuses them about Generation Z.

1. Join the herd.

“TikTok trends where they all go out to buy a particular item then toss it and move on to the next thing.

All generations had trends but with social media, the turnover is a lot quicker. It’s almost herd mentality.”

2. LOL.

“Why do the guys in your generation get haircuts that make them look like a head of broccoli?”

3. Get outta here!

“The most egregious I’ve seen is a Gen Z’er’s claim that Hot Tub Time Machine was the movie that made Mötley Crüe’s career.”

4. You doing okay?

“Are you… okay?

Anywhere I go to shop y’all look miserable.

I mean this in a genuine way.”

5. Not a good idea.

“Do none of you realize putting your entire lives on the Internet is going to come back to bite you in the a** someday?”

6. That’s odd.

“For a generation that grew up with internet 2.0 and was handed an iPad at age 5, I’m baffled by how unsavvy they are with very basic/useful tech functions.

Ex: how to effectively google something and navigate the search results, how to troubleshoot internet/connection issues, how to not believe 100% of what you see online, etc.”

7. Can’t we all just get along?

“I don’t understand why some of them h**e Millennials so much.

I don’t really care if they do, we’re pretty used to it by now since we were blamed for k**ling everything, I just don’t understand their reasoning behind it.”

8. How’d that happen?

“Why does it seem like they all skipped the awkward phase?

It’s like they came out of elementary school knowing how to coordinate outfits and drink Starbucks.”

9. Moving on…

“Why staring at the camera, doing nothing, and poorly lip syncing a song is considered good content.”

10. All about labels.

“It may sound ignorant, so I apologize, but when I was in HS, we h**ed being labeled.

Now it seems people want their labels on display- whether it’s s**uality or learning differences, etc (ace, neurodivergent, etc).

I respect it, I just remember not wanting to be boxed into labels.”

11. That’s insane.

“My niece (21) doesn’t know how to properly type using a keyboard.

She’s written all of her school papers on her phone.”

12. What’s the appeal?

“I don’t understand the rise of short form content like TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

I will happily have a 4 hour video up in the background while I do things and the short form content annoys me. Even my preferred viewing experience when I’m actively watching is around a half hour.

I can only assume the gen Z population is part of the reason for short form content taking over and I just don’t see the appeal.”

What confuses you about Gen Z?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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