Is it just me or are people bragging more than ever these days?

Maybe it has something to do with social media, but it seems pretty out of control…

What do people brag about that signals a red flag?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about this.

1. Hustling.

“How many hours they work.

They speak of it as if people who work “only” 40 hours a week are lazy or inferior.”

2. Oh, cool!

“How much al**hol they can handle.

Al**holics love bragging about how they can outdrink people.

If you meet someone that brags about never having hangovers and outdrinking everyone, run.”

3. I don’t believe you.

“I used to work with a guy that could always ” get you a better deal” no matter what it was.

I got a mobile upgrade to brand new phone, free, half price line rental, etc etc…he said “I could have got you that with a quarter priced line rental, and another handset as well”.”

4. Shocker!

“My brother regularly brags about how well he insults people, including family and employers.

Related fact: he’s unemployed.”

5. Congratulations.

“How hard they partied and or how popular they were in high school and their late 20s-30s and dr**k.”

6. No doubt about it.

“People who heavily gossip to you about other people.

When you’re not around, they are gossiping about you.”

7. Sure…

“When people say something like they don’t like drama/are drama free, mind their own business etc etc.

Nah. They make the drama. And they are definitely in other peoples business.”

8. Poseur.

“How religious they are.

They may be subtle about it by leaving Bible passages on their social media or tagging their bios with things like, “All glory to God.”

Anyone who over-signals is a poseur. Truly religious people are private and contemplative with their beliefs.”

9. I’m a genius!

“How smart they are. Smart people don’t talk about being smarter than everyone.

It’s related to the Dunning-Kruger effect.

People who don’t know much about a topic overestimate their knowledge because of their limited view on the topic, while an expert on the topic who is really educated on it can overview its complexity and therefore knows that theres still much to further learn about.”

10. Not something to brag about.

“People who brag about never reading books.

I’ve never understood this one. It’s not an accomplishment.

Babies don’t read books. In fact, I have several cats who don’t read books.”

11. Usually not a good thing.

“How “honest” they are.

It really means that they are horrible to people but think that’s acceptable because “what you see is what you get”.”

12. Pretty much.

“Recently I’ve noticed that people who often are the loudest about social issues tend to be awful people in some other ways.

That’s a bit of a red flag for me now.”

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