Men and women…

Women and men…

Maybe we’re not that different after all, you know?

And today we’re gonna get a big dose of reality from folks on AskReddit about what people think only men do…but women also do…


“Being dirty.

I’ve worked in customer service most of my life, and can easily say that women’s restrooms are an absolute nightmare compared men’s restrooms 95% of the time.

Like seriously, just throw your tampons in the trash, and wipe up your blood please; you’ve got a whole roll of tp 6 inches from your elbow.”

2. All this stuff.

“If I’m out for a walk and I find a really neat rock, I’ll probably bring it home.

I find it hard to part with gadgets even if they’re broken, just in case I need the parts someday.

I have had the same haircut since I was five, and I see no reason to change it.

I sometimes fantasize about how I’d protect my household if someone ever broke in.

Sometimes, I just really need my ma, but I push down all my feelings and carry on like a big girl.

I do not enjoy talking about my feelings; I’ll do it, as an emotionally mature adult, but I always feel like I’ve just p**sed my pants. Great relief, but I wish you didn’t see it, and I’d like us to move swiftly onto something else.

I think, with no experience or evidence, that I could pull myself up on a rope. Like, no bother. It does not look that difficult.”

3. Mind = Blown.

“I grew up thinking women couldn’t mas**rbate only men could.

In middle school I searched women mas**rbating and bro my jaw dropped.”

4. Can relate.

“Seem to be in deep thought but is actually just gaping at a wall with zero thoughts. Alternately, may be thinking of somethings completely random.

That meme about the wife thinking the husband is probably thinking if another woman, when in reality he’s thinking of something random ?

Ya, as a woman, I relate with that husband.”

5. It hurts.

“This isn’t necessarily something we “do” but when we get hit in the private parts that s**t hurts.

I remember when I was little I went to get down from a trampoline and my foot slipped through the holes where the springs are and my v**ina hit right on the metal pole.

It was one of the worst feelings I’ve experienced.”

6. Hey, good lookin’.

“Check out women.

Even straight women check out women.

Source: am a straight woman… I think.”

7. Let’s talk about…

“Talk and joke about s**. I can’t speak for everyone, but I find girls talking about it more than guys.

Heck, at one point we were having a little bonfire, and one couple got up to leave. My friend’s wife asked if they wanted to play Among Us when they got home, and the other girl just turned around and casually said “Nah, this is usually about the time we have s**.”

To which my friend’s wife responds “Oh yeah, we just did that this morning.””

8. Definitely.

“Women can be deadbeat parents as well.

Happens all the time.”

9. Gamers.

“Play video games.

I was telling a friend about how over Christmas holidays I just played games all day long and her bf who was with us joked condescendingly ‘animal crossing isn’t a real game you know’ and I was like…okay?

I was playing God of War and Rimworld. I’m in my 30s now and the fact that I’m still getting juvenile gatekeeping comments like that is just sad.”

10. Everyone is disgusting.

“Be bad at hygiene.

It’s not a man thing to be dirty and smelly but it’s a stereotype primarily put onto males. Women can neglect their hygiene too. Not wash hair often enough, shower, brush teeth, wear clean clothes, etc.

Especially under mental illness, low support needing care, abused or just not taught properly. It happens.”

11. Libidos.

“I’ve met so many men who think women typically have super low or non existent s** drives.

The truth is women tend to have pretty high libidos too, it’s just that 1) acting on tends to be way more heavily shamed in women than it is in men in our culture and 2) it can be way more dangerous for women to act on it through like casual hookups and stuff due to risk of v**lence and possibly unwanted pregnancy.”

12. Yes!

“Be funny or have the same type of humor. People seem to think only men have the capacity to do absolutely stupid s**t and have it be funny.

Like all those wholesome “this is what boys will be boys actually means” sort p**s me off bc I know women who will act just like it.

It feels like it implies that mean are more fun people to be around with while women are rational, but unfun.”

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