When I was in my teens and twenties, I loved going to parties.

They were fun and exciting and I’d meet all kinds of interesting people and I’d stay out until the wee hours.

But now?

Let’s just say I don’t go out a whole lot and I like to be in bed by 10 p.m.

Yes, I’ve turned into an old man!

What do you like less and less as you get older?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts in the comments.

1. Turn it down!

“Loud noises.

Someone opening an Instagram/Tiktok video on loud volume out of nowhere.

Whether its on the train or in the sofa. Makes me scream inside.”

2. Annoying.

“Cars I hear accelerating from stop sign to stop sign in my residential area at 2:30 am with the straight exhaust/v6/auto trans combination.”

3. The unending cycle

“Making appointments. For my dog, myself, my kids.

Start a new patient portal. Verify your email. Try to make an appointment through their portal. Portal down for maintenance. Call. Sent to electronic voicemail, recommends online portal. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually find the right formula to speak to a human, not accepting new patients/no openings for ten weeks.”

4. No fun.


Getting older to reach adulthood was fun.

Getting older to reach being a senior citizen is less fun.”

5. Not into it.

“Social media.

I h**e what it does to people and I h**e the things it makes people do. So much.

It used to be useful once upon a time but now social media is just a cesspool of the worst kinds of people.”

6. Tone it down.

“Sweetness. The older I get, the less I can tolerate sweet stuff.

Use to need a lot of sugar in my coffee, now a dash of sugar is enough and if need be, no sugar is fine too.”

7. Quiet, please.

“People all around me.

I prefer my solitude!”

8. A new life.

“Home. I moved far away and made my own life.

At the beginning I was desperately attached to my home and missed it to the core of my being. Now I realize that I left problems behind I’ll never have to face again.

Every visit makes me more confident in my decision. I wish the best for my friends and family, but I’m glad I got the f**k out.”

9. Put that thing away.


I just can’t do all-day texting even with people I like anymore.”

10. Awful.

“Clubbing is a bottom tier experience.

I’m built for the pub, not the club.”

11. Please shut up.

“People running their mouth in the movie theater when you’re trying to watch the movie that you just paid $15 to watch.”

12. Can I eat in peace?

“Loud restaurants.

I don’t understand why places have the music cranked so loud that you can’t even hear yourself talk.

Seriously, who’s enjoying that?!”

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