Dear Lord, if you’re listening all I really want is a pool…and a hot tub…and a little waterfall that goes into the pool.

Yeah, I think that’s it!

But I can’t really afford it…yet.

A man can dream though, right?

AskReddit users talked about what they really want that they can’t afford. Let’s take a look.

1. Taken their toll.

“To get my teeth fixed.

Or for dental to be included in medical insurance so I can do it a little by little.

Diabetes and growing up poor have really taken their tolls.”

2. Depressing.

“A house, or even a nice townhome. I’m in Denver on a single income, and would rather rent than buy something sh**ty that I can barely afford in a sketchy neighborhood.

I’m 45 and don’t see it happening anytime soon, so I’ve pretty much given up. Sucks, especially when the annual inspection occurs and i have to leave my home while they poke around to make sure I’m not destroying the place and am not living in filth-which I’m not. It’s a hit to my dignity. I’m not poor, but I just can’t afford a home here.

When you get my age and don’t own a home, people treat you like it’s a character flaw. I’ve literally been dumped because I don’t own my own home. Plus I’m tired of being told that things aren’t worth improving because I rent, why bother? So it’s ok for me to live in a dump? I guess.

I’m tired of not being able to nail things to the wall, paint, beg for new screen doors or a working ceiling fan, only to be told no by the management company. I’m tired of going to family gatherings and hearing relatives who have rental properties complain about s**tty tenants, but what do you expect from renters, right? Yeah, I am one of those renters they complain about.

I listen to my peers talk about home improvements, yard work, just home things, and I want to know what that’s like. It depresses me.”

3. A lot of stuff.

“Kids winter clothes. Boots for winter. Winter electricity bill (300) monthly.

Hair cuts for kids. Internet. Control arms and struts for vehicle (just bought tires) Glasses.”

4. Dreaming of a truck.

“I really want a new pickup.

I’ve been driving the same pickup for 22 years now. I love it. It was the only new vehicle I’ve ever had. I ordered it from the factory at on a ‘just got out of college’ budget, and it’s lasted this long even though I’ve used the hell out of it.

Now, the wife and I have a small trailer for firewood/utility hauling and a small camper. My truck will pull it. Slowly. This summer we went 2000 miles with the trailer in a tour of the southwest, and got 10mpg the whole trip. And big hills forced me into 3rd, sometimes 2nd gear to tow up. Trip was fun, once THERE, but travel was not terribly.

I WANT a new truck. Something to take me to retirement and beyond. With 4 doors, a big stonkin’ powerful motor to pull me up the hills, and ideally super bright powerful headlights. I know how to aim them.

Unfortunately, there’s a 35%+premium on new pickups right now. It’s truly a sellers market, and people are getting more than they owe even for used ones. Top of the line trucks are going for 80k+ 2 years ago that was 60K.

Stripper models are no longer 25-30K, this c**p starts at 50K. I NEED more truck, but I can’t justify that kind of upcharge. Even if it means continuing to crank my windows and shift my own gears. At 10-14mpg.”

5. Poor thing.

“Surgery for my dog’s hips. She had a congenital defect that wasn’t fully discovered until she was 3, and she needs surgery on both- $1200 a pop.

She’s the sweetest girl in the world, and I’m afraid if I wait another year or two, she’ll be too old and won’t be able to recover as quickly.

She’s only 5 now, and the thought of her having to get around on wheels because her hips hurt too badly just breaks my heart. She loves to run and chase, and is just so happy…

She saved my life a couple times when I was going through it a few years back, just by being there. I just wish I could return the favor and make the rest of her life as pain-free as possible.”

6. Trip of a lifetime.

“Going to Tokyo for my Masters Thesis (there is a particular field I am interested in). Going to University without stress about how to afford my staying there. I would really like to just focus on my studies.

A camera, a microphone, and money for language courses (I would like to have someone to have conversations with) and masters in business. It would be great. And obviously money for travelling.

I have never been outside of Europe. Aaand… A new pair of shoes (sneakers). My current pair is broken.”

7. Sounds fun.

“A rock tumbler. I love rocks and have always wanted a good tumbler but could never afford one.

A car big enough for my family would be amazing too but if I can’t even afford a rock tumbler a new vehicle is out of the question.”

8. Tuba time.

“A Tuba. I played in HS and got serious about it. Started to go to college for music education/performance. Then life happened.

Got too many bills and had to drop out. Tubas are around $3K-$6K brand new. I just miss playing.”

9. Sounds wonderful.

“I want to be able to live in a cabin in the mountains where I can garden and make crafts. I’d like to help rescue animals and own a donkey. I’d like to be able to cook daily, read daily, and occasionally go to town where maybe I sell things from my garden or things I make.

I’d like to explore the festivals and shops in that town and find all of the nice nature spots to visit nearby. I’d like for this type of living to mend my mental health and teach me to be a confident person.”

10. Daydreaming.

“To quit my job.

I’m stressed and exhausted all the time, I’m depressed and am barely holding myself together.

I feel like I’m dragging my battered self over the finish line that is the weekend every week and before I know it it’s Monday again and I start all over.”

11. The laundry list.

“Further education, maybe a plane ticket and living costs to settle down somewhere nicer. Maybe therapy. Car repairs. Investment capital. Better cat food and vet visits. Health checkup.

Subscriptions to certain softwares and publications. Money to pay back some good friends who’ve really helped me and asked nothing back. Money to fix all my problems once and for all, get out of this hole.”

12. Like the old days.

“I would absolutely love to have horses again. I grew up raising them and competing in a competition called Team Penning.

I really miss those late Friday and Saturday nights coming home from the arena and getting Waffle House. Those were the good old days.”

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