Do you remember the scene in the classic movie Better Off Dead when Lane’s mom gives the family TV dinners for Christmas?

If you haven’t seen that movie, you need to change that immediately.

But my point is that getting TV dinners for Christmas would be kind of a bummer.

Have you ever received a really bad present for Christmas? Here’s what AskReddit users said about this.

1. Didn’t work out.

“Last year my dad promised me a whole bunch of steaks at Christmas whenever i bought a deep freezer to store them in.

I bought a deep freezer immediately, then in April of this year he gave me the steaks, which were packaged in March of 2018, the only taste left was freezer burn”

2. Great present!

“My great grandma gave my cousin a jock strap from goodwill.

Her mental health was bad at this time. 1992ish?

He started crying. He was 9.”

3. Dear old Dad.

“My dad, his first christmas divorced and living alone, first time ever shopping for us clearly because my mom did all the shopping before, got me a nose hair trimmer…

I was 12.

And definitely did not understand why I got that gift.”

4. Eat up!

“A box of top ramen. Just a standard grocery box of ramen bags. It was wrapped up with a nice bow too, and it was not gifted as a joke.

My family knew I was having financial troubles and was only eating one meal a day, they honestly thought they were helping me out.”

5. Time to move out.

“A set of luggage.

I was graduating that year, the message was pretty clear.”

6. Classy.

“My dad, sort of stereotypically, buys things for people that he wants. On the surface it’s understandable, “I like xyz thing, so it must be a good present!” But no, that’s not what I mean.

When my siblings and I were 8, 11 and 15 respectively my dad bought us an electric toothbrush. No, not an electric toothbrush each. AN electric toothbrush. Which he then, promptly, reclaimed and I believe still uses.”

7. Wow.

“Last year my mom.bought me a can opener.

Wrapped it and gave it to me when everyone was gathered around exchanging gifts too so theyd all see and get to share in her laughter.

Unfortunately she was the only one who found it funny, everyone else just thought it was f**ked up.”

8. Pretty rude.

“A case of Slim-Fast. Was I overweight? Yes, but my (not so) passive aggressive ex sister-in-law was a b**ch.

She fairly soon after was talking about weight loss items and specifically told my then-wife and I we should never use products like Slim-Fast as they will poison you.

I can’t decide if she was trying to k**l me or was just a stupid a**hole.”

9. Poor lady…

“My aunt. Poor lady. She wasn’t in the best financial situation and she had arthritis and cancer. But was sweet beyond what she should have been.

She gave me 2.

When I was 16: a vampire makeup kit. I had never mentioned anything about vampires. I was kind of your run of the mill jock just worried about sports and friends.

When I was 15: a floppy black hat with an elastic piece on the back, with pennies glued to the bill with glitter glue.”

10. Merry Christmas!

“”I’m taking $500 off the debt you owe me.”.

Written in a Christmas card from my adopted mother.”

11. Got the sniffles?

“A bottle of allergy medication from Costco. The med I took had recently gone from prescription to OTC & my mom thought it would be great to get me a year’s supply.

I was in my 20s & by that point you’re not supposed to care as much anymore, but I had worked dozens of hours of overtime at my sh**ty factory job to buy my mom a custom made birthstone ring for Christmas that year. My sister got beautiful leather boots, my brother got an XBox. I cried all the way home.”

12. That is strange.

“Office supplies. I was in the 2nd grade. It was the class gift exchange. Imagine being a kid, watching everyone else open dolls, and cars, and glitter pens. While you’re sitting there with a calculator, tape dispenser, and stapler.

Apparently, the girl who drew my name was in the hospital a lot and her parents just grabbed things from the gift shop? No idea why a teddy bear wasn’t on the list. I ended up giving everything to my Nanna since she was a teacher.”

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