It seems kind of counterproductive to me to PRETEND to like something that you don’t, but I’m no psychiatrist and I just don’t have the time to dig into that issue right now…

But I think we can all agree that we know folks who do this!

So let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think.

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1. Who likes this?

“Contemporary design trends.

The all white/grey homes with rendered exteriors are so lifeless and all look the same.

There’s no way people actually want this, right?”

2. Who knows…


I know one whole person who likes Drake for real for real, and it’s the only f**king thing he listens to.

Ever. Literally. His Spotify wrapped is 100% Drake.”

3. The work life.


If money were no object, even people who “love” their jobs wouldn’t do them 5 days a week.

Maybe two days a week if it was their lifelong passion, but beyond that, NOBODY would work if they didn’t have to.”

4. Party time!


I went out with my friends pretty often when I was younger because it was what everyone did for fun.

It was such a weird relief to realize and accept that I actually didn’t like it. And I honestly don’t understand what people like about it.”

5. I’m gonna be sick.


Every, single one I’ve tried.

Just undrinkable!”

6. Lame.

“Reaction videos.

Why would anyone care how a stranger reacts to something?

Most of the time, the reaction isn’t even real and just played up for the camera.

So lame.”

7. No thank you!

“Reality TV.

How is watching garbage people complain about their lives entertainment?”

8. Weird stuff.

“Open relationships.

I’m sure there’s some genuine believers but I wonder how many partners are opening up their relationship to keep their partner and just are afraid to be alone and date again.

When I see couples talk about it it always looks like one person is way more into it than the other.”

9. They’re very popular…


Seltzers taste like someone drank a wine cooler or similar fruity al**holic beverage, and then someone poured a can of mineral water in the same glass without washing it first and it still had a little bit left of the previous drink.”

10. This is fun, right?

“Living in a conversion vehicle like a van.

Take a short look into #VanLife and you’ll find all kinds of people that say they love their gray water tank. No you don’t.

You’re sh**ting in a tub and driving it around.”

11. I think you’re wrong…


Exercise of any kind really. I have ADHD and struggle with eating healthy and exercising. I’ve just never been able to find any consistency with it and part of it is I just don’t enjoy exercise no matter what I do, and I’ve tried a lot of things to make it better.

I’m a therapist but we obviously have our struggles too, and this is one of my greatest challenges, especially after the past three years. I’ve appreciated all the comments and insights and am thinking about ways to get moving again!”

12. Snooze-fest.


I joined a club and got back into it last year. Last month in the middle of a round I said to myself, “Why the f**k am I doing this? It’s aggravating as f**k.”

So I quit the club. Expensive lesson that I dont and really never liked golf.”

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