Uh oh…are you ready to be offended?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Because today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about their most controversial food opinions.

Prepare to be upset at what you’re going to see…

1. You’re missing out…

“I don’t like chocolate ice cream

I like my chocolate and ice-cream separated.”

2. What’s wrong with you?

“Cheese is gross.

Cheese sticks? I have to be desperate in order to eat just plain cheese on its own.”

3. Out of control burgers.

“Burgers belong on burger buns not brioche buns and you should not have to deconstruct them in order to fit them into your d**n mouth.”

4. Not a fan.

“Oreos are awful.

The cookie is dry and charcoal-like, the middle is oily nastiness, like crisco with granulated sugar.

Yuck, no thank you.”

5. Overrated.

“I think that breakfast is the most overrated meal of the day. I know that many people enjoy a big breakfast to start their day, but to me, it’s just not that appealing.

I prefer to have a smaller breakfast, or even to skip it altogether and have a larger lunch or dinner instead. I find that this allows me to have more control over my food choices and helps me to avoid feeling overly full or bloated in the morning.

Plus, it allows me more flexibility in my schedule and helps me to save time and money.”

6. If you say so…

“I like to eat French fries without any condiments at all.

Except for the salt it comes with by default.”

7. The dark stuff.

“Dark meat is far superior to white meat in flavor.

White meat is bland and boring in comparison.”

8. You’re nuts.

“Olives are disgusting on their own. But they ruin pizza.

If you take a bite of a slice and it has 5 ingredients in that bite and one of them is olive. All you taste is olive.”

9. You ruined it!

“Sliced tomatoes ruin almost everything they are on.

I literally cannot taste anything but wet tomato.”

10. Wrong!

“Sushi is gross.

I’ve never in my life eaten a food that has made me want to gag, but I nearly barfed after eating just two pieces of a sushi roll.”

11. TRASH.

“Sweet potatoes are trash.

If I found a magic lamp, I’d use a wish to rid the world of sweet potatoes.”

12. Get rid of it.

“Ketchup is very overrated.

It is way too sweet and overpowers anything it is on.

“But what about French fries?” Mayonnaise or vinegar.”

13. You sure…?

“Beef tongue tacos are the best tacos.

If someone can get past the fact that it’s tongue and just put it in their mouth, they will rapidly discover that this is true.”

Do you have any controversial food opinions?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!