What do you want in life?

I mean, what do you REALLY want?

I think that’s the big question we’re all trying to answer in life…and today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about what THEY want.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Sounds good.

“A really good hobby that I can’t put down.

That I can’t wait to pour free minutes into, that I think about all the time because of the joy it brings me.”

2. Find your person.

“A lasting relationship.

I haven’t had a good lasting relationship.

I just feel like I can’t find the right person for me.”

3. Zzzzzzz.


I haven’t slept properly in thirty years and I’m utterly exhausted most of the time.

I’ve been to a sleep clinic and it’s better than it was, but I remember as a child waking up in the morning refreshed instead of just still tired and I want that again.”

4. Feeling a little bit off.

“To know what’s wrong.

Sometimes I feel melancholic and don’t know why.

I notice stress physically before I feel it mentally and then I don’t know what exactly stresses me out so that would be helpful.”

5. See the world.

“Being healthy enough to start traveling around the world without caring about the money.

And right now a pizza would be good too.”

6. Getting real.

“A real genuine reason to live. I’m so tired of the “think of your family/dog/friend” sort of bulls**t.

I want something that makes me want to be alive. A hobby I can fall in love with, a career that not only doesn’t drain my life force but actively engages me throughout the day, hell even just someone that makes me feel like I matter.

Something that makes me feel like I am not just here to eat, breathe, sleep repeat until I am ashes in the wind.”

7. Please take care of me.

“You know that movie trope where someone is too depressed to take care of themself, so someone makes them a bath and washes their hair and then brushes it for them and tucks them into bed?


8. Health is your only wealth.

“I want to be healthy. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

I wear it well. I have a really good job, a nice house,, a wife who is the most supportive, loving, and beautiful person I’ve ever met, and a 2 year old son who brings joy every day.

But the years and years of strain and stress I’ve put on my body and mind are catching up to me. I’m 34, and after an adult lifetime of drugs and excessive drinking, my body is failing left and right. I’ve had a heat stroke recently due to a bad habit of pushing myself to outdo everyone around me.

My liver enzymes are trash levels, I can’t hardly work out anymore without worrying about passing out or d**ng. I’ve been to therapy for stress and emotion management, I find myself getting apocalyptically worked up about minor frustration. I just feel like I’m falling apart in these last few years and I’m truly scared I won’t be around to see my son graduate grade school, much less high school.

So many of my problems are preventable, but I’m choosing not to take action each and every day because I don’t know how to deal with stress and anger in a healthy way.

I just want to be healthy.”

9. Sounds annoying.

“My ears to stop ringing.

To know what what’s it like to be in silence.”

10. We wish you luck.

“I want this baby to come out of me, healthy and soon, with little to no complications or interventions.”

11. Happy together.

“I just want my girlfriend to be happy, s**t has been so tough for her, it’s been tough for her and she’s attempted s**cide twice.

I just want us to be happy together, we live long distance so what I really want to do is fly out to see her one day.”

12. That would be nice.

“Two things.

1) fuel prices cut in half.

2) my car to stop needing repairs monthly.”

Now we want to hear from you.

What do you want in life?

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