Can we have a discussion about those “mom jeans” that are back in fashion now?

Here is my thought about them…they need to go away!



But that’s just my opinion…

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think NO ONE looks good wearing.

1. Are you going on a safari?

“Fedora with safari flaps, even if the guy at the store says you’re the only guy he’s ever seen pull it off.”

2. LOL.

“Demetri Martin explained it well: “I saw a guy wearing a leather jacket and thought, ‘that is cool’. Then I saw a guy in a leather vest and thought ‘that is not cool’. And that’s when I realized that cool is all about leather sleeves.””

3. Silly, but comfortable.

“Hospital gowns.

I recently had surgery and they put me in the strangest hospital gown I’ve ever seen. It was a thicker fabric and it had a big port on the side. They hooked up a hose and pumped it full of warm air.

It puffed right up and looked ridiculous! I felt just like Jesse in that scene from Breaking Bad when he was bored and he used the air compressor to fill up his suit and then he danced around like a sumo costume.

It looked silly but it was surprisingly comforting and definitely warmed me up. If you think a regular hospital gown is unattractive then you haven’t seen these new ones yet, they are ludicrously unsightly.

4. Humbled.

“That ugly cape you have to wear when getting your haircut.

Those capes will humble you real quick.”

5. Uh uh.

“That one Dwayne Johnson outfit.

A girl can’t even wear a turtleneck and jeans with a cute necklace unless she wants to feel like The Rock.”

6. WTF?

“Skin colored leggings.

It always gives me a “WTF?” moment before I realize what is happening.”

7. You’ve seen it.

“Those Walmart t-shirts with gangsta Looney Toons characters.

Like Taz with a Rolex rolling dice and flashing cash.

Bonus points if the shirt sparkles.”

8. Tacky.

“Any t shirt claiming your birth month gives you special powers or you are owned by your significant other.

So god**mn tacky.”

9. Relax.

“Those shirts that say “I oil my AR-15 with Liberal tears” and “If I charge, follow me. If I retreat, k**l me. If I d**, avenge me”

Sir, you’re in Target. Relax.”

10. Not for everyone.

“Rat tails.

I was a kid when this was fashionable and all the biggest jerks at school wore rat tails.

I always wanted to try yanking on one of them just once but could never work up the nerve.”

11. You look ridiculous!

“Scuba gear, especially the goggles.

Even the most beautiful person is going to look like a constipated duck.”

12. Creepy.

“Gigantic fake eyelashes.

Women are running around looking like Furby dolls.”

13. Not a good look.

“A neck beard.

The mullet of the face.”

Now it’s your turn!

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