People…it’s time for some real talk…

Because we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about things that are considered bad by society…that maybe really aren’t all that bad…

Let’s get started and see what they had to say!

1. Yes.

“The word ‘argument’ has a negative connotation but it literally just means discussing disagreements.

The problem isn’t arguing or disagreeing but that the average person doesn’t know how to do so.”

2. It’s up to you.

“I read recently that “not having hobbies” was a red flag for relationships (in another reddit thread). If you have work and life absorbs a lot of time, letting your brain just run in gear is quite nice.

In my case, I walk everywhere and live in the countryside. It takes lots of time just to do things. The countryside is beautiful. Walking is nice and allows me to think. But it isn’t really a “hobby”.”

3. A good thing.

“When politicians change their minds as they get new information.

I think this would change the political landscape and subsequently society for the better.

You don’t really move forward when you can’t change your mind or are afraid you’ll be shamed if you do change your mind.”

4. You bet.

“Using social services.

It is what they are there for, and you helped pay for them.”

5. Definitely.

“Being polite to people you don’t care for.

Part of being an adult is learning to get along with people you don’t like.”

6. For real!

“Admitting that you don’t know something.

And changing your mind in the face of new information.”

7. Amen!

“Not having kids if you don’t want them.

Having kids you don’t want is bad.”

8. It’s okay to talk about it.

“Talk about your salary.

This literally just exist so that the working class doesn’t talk about unbalanced wages and starts tho question their bosses.”

9. No tip for you.

“Not tipping workers who do basic stuff like handing me a cup of coffee or a takeout bag.

It’s okay to not want to pay 20% for just handing me stuff I bought.”

10. To each their own.

“In America, still living with your parents in your later 20s or into your 30s.

If you are working hard and helping out a dent in a few bills, I don’t see the issue.”

11. Gotta be careful.

“There’s been this trend lately to “cut out toxic people” and there seems to be absolutely no balance.

Don’t continually put up with mistreatment but man I’ve seen people cut off very close years-long friendships at the first sign of trouble rather than understanding they might be going through something.”

12. Not weird at all.

“Eating alone.

I love eating alone. Enjoying a meal on my own time, people watching, reading while I eat.

That’s part of why I enjoy Paris so much, they seem to embrace this mentality so much more than in the U.S.”

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