I really only have one dealbreaker when I go out to eat and here it is: if they are blaring music so loudly that you can’t talk to your friends, I’m out the door!

It’s so annoying!

This isn’t a night club!

Alright, sorry I got worked up…

What are your restaurant dealbreakers?

Share them with us in the comments!

1. Sounds terrible.

“Took my girlfriend at the time to a (allegedly) particularly fancy restaurant in our home town. She’d wanted to go to this place for years.

I mean sure it was 7pm on a Friday, but I’ve been in nightclubs that were quieter. Sitting down eating overpriced food in what felt like a rave.

She enjoyed it, which I guess it what matters. I won’t be inclined to visit again.”

2. Hell no.

“I ate at a restaurant where it was like school cafeteria seating.

Multiple parties sat at the same table.

Haven’t been back.”

3. What’s going on here?

“I went to a new pizza place and there’s no sign, no greeter, just 5 employees on phones at the bar. We sat at the bar for 15 minutes and tried to flag ANY of them down.

It wasn’t closed… they were supposed to be open for 3 more hours.

We weren’t the only ones there… probably had 4-5 other couples in, though 3 were already served, 1 was waiting and I’m not sure if there was another waiting or had finished.

We left, I put up a review about our lack of experience and the owner reached out. He hadn’t thought about being a sign to either seat yourself or wait to be seated… and he’d talk to his team about having someone by the door and staying off their phones.”

4. Dine and dash.

“The one time I have dined and dashed was after 40 minutes waiting for the check.

Asked for it 3 times then just walked out.”

5. It’s dark in here…

“When they keep the lights so low that you literally can’t see the menu.

I’ve been in three places like this, and the food is always bad.

The place is dark for a reason.”

6. Time to leave.

“If you go to a Mexican food spot and the chips and salsa are terrible, just pack it up and leave.

Nothing will get better.”

7. Don’t lean back.

“Having no seats with backs.

Nobody wants to sit on a bench.”

8. Ripped off.

“Overcharging for condiments.

No, that fast food sized portion cup of BBQ sauce is not worth $2.00.

And it should probably be free considering I bought a plate of chicken.”

9. Done.


I know how hard they are to keep out of restaurants, but if I see one I’m done…”

10. I never understood this.

“If you are going to take my whole tables order by memory, and write none of it down, you sure as sh**t better get it right.

If that’s a problem, just write it down… literally no one cares, and I actually prefer it when I see this done.”

11. You’re ruining the bread!

“Hard cold butter for the bread.

Just let the butter out of the fridge for the day so we can spread it on our bread without destroying the bread.”

12. Not cool.

“Paying and tipping on a handheld electronic device while the waiter stares me down. One guy actually “instructed” me to press the 25% tip option as if it’s a required step of the transaction. Infuriatingly rude.

I waited tables and bartended for over 8 years and it was always considered a huge no-no to stand over someone while they tipped, totaled, and signed the slip.”

Do you have any restaurant dealbreakers?

If so, let us know in the comments.

Thanks a lot!