Let me tell you something about getting older…these bones sure are creaking a lot more!

And I also think I’m starting to lose my mind, but I’m not sure if that’s due to my age or not…

Anyway, check out what AskReddit users said are clear signs of getting older.

1. Turn it down!

“Intolerance for loud noise.

The older I get, the less I can stand it.”

2. Sorry, can’t help you.

“If anyone ask me to do anything after 8pm, the chances of me going are slim, and the chances are even slimmer if I’ve already put on sweatpants.”

3. Depressing.

“When you are asked your birthday online and you realize how much you have to scroll to get to your birth year.”

4. Who, me?

“You become a “sir,” though you really don’t feel like you possess the full power, authoritativeness and gravitas of one worthy of the name.”

5. It’s nice in here…

“I found myself just wandering around the aisles of Lowes, not looking for anything in particular and had a moment of self-clarity: I’m old.”

6. You’ll pay for it later.

“You often prefer a light dish to fried food because the latter is indeed tastier, but “it’s not worth the trouble”.”

7. Sounds terrible.

“I’m old enough where the club girls don’t check me out so much as keep an eye on me.

When I was about 40, I got dragged to a club by some younger coworkers after a team dinner.

I lasted about 5 minutes before having to tap out.

The music and fog machine going full blast was like a living hell to me.”

8. Early bird.

“I schedule plans with friends earlier and earlier every passing year.

There’s just something so satisfying about getting dinner and drinks at 6 pm and being back home by 9 pm.”

9. This is exciting!

“Getting excited about nesting things.

Home projects.

Yard work.

Decorating for Holidays.

New furniture.

Also, when you start congratulating your friends when they get pregnant vs the feeling of panic.”

10. No more.

“Not drinking because you can’t risk a hangover.

Which lasts longer than one day.”

11. Better be careful.

“Little injuries and knocks used to disappear after a day or two.

Now they don’t disappear at all.

You just start collecting reminders that your warranty has run out and you have to start doing preventative maintenance.”

12. Whitesnake broke up?

“You notice your favorite band is having a reunion tour and didn’t realize they had broken up in the first place.”

13. Sad, but true.

“The biggest one for me is realizing and recognizing that my parents are getting older.

For my childhood, they were these static, never changing figures, but now, they’re older and I can see that.

It’s definitely pretty saddening and worrying.”

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