Let’s face it: these Gen Z folks do some WEIRD stuff.

But hey, every generation does, right?

You know that’s the truth!

So what do you say we cut to the chase and hear from folks on AskReddit about this topic.

1. I’m confused.

“The way everything needs to be a micro-label or aesthetic, and the differences between some of them feel so miniscule that I’m not sure why they all need to exist in the first place.

I’ve seen both “clean girl” and “vanilla girl” on TikTok but…those both just seem like minimalism to me?”

2. The big goal.

“The desire to “go viral”.

One of my greatest fears is being involved in a viral video in any capacity, but for so many zoomers that’s their number one goal.”

3. Why?

“Why do a large amount of gen Z’s not use capital letters?

Is capitalization going the way of cursive writing?”

4. That’s not good.

“As a Gen Z myself, I find trying to diagnose ourselves with a mental disorder pretty weird.

I’ve never done it and I would never do it but I know some people who do it just for attention and stuff. Pretty annoying for people who are actually suffering in my opinion.”

5. Too many labels.

“Millennials fought a crusade to do away with labels. You’re a person and can do whatever you want and don’t need to be labeled.

Gen-Z seems to be d**d set on labeling everything. As many labels as possible, and you must abide by what your labels say.”

6. Sellouts.

“It’s very weird that in 30 years or so we’ve gone from selling out being a bad thing to it being the main goal.

To the point where large numbers of people genuinely don’t even understand the concept.”

7. Weird stuff.

“Posting videos where they’re just making faces with some text while a song plays that usually has nothing to do with the text.”

8. Funny how that works.

“The weird duality of being knives-out judgmental over other people’s missteps or ignorance (not intentional malice, btw) while also being hypersensitive and incapable of taking constructive criticism and guidance.”

9. Oversharing.

“Oversharing personal struggles, overdramatizing common anxieties/struggles, and flaunting “going to therapy” to the point where it’s clearly a means of seeking attention and staying relevant.

On a related note, since I see it on dating apps all the time, when every other bio puts “going to therapy” as a green flag. Like yeah, that should be normalized, but mental health practices are turning into a new form of virtue signaling.”

10. Yowza!

“The palm tree hairstyle among guys. Sorry, It’s just ugly! I know I’m saying this as a straight male, but I’m pretty sure most women don’t like it either..

If you’re unsure what I’m talking about; Think like IShowSpeed for example. A fade from the bottom, and a curly bush on top.”

11. Infuriating.

“The trend of faking things like autism and ADHD.

I don’t mean to be THAT guy but as someone who has ADHD it infuriates me when i see people promoting faking ADHD as a way to get medication like Adderall especially since right now there is shortage of such medication and someone faking having ADHD can deny someone else who really needs that medication.

I am using myself as a reference but i know that i am nothing short of a wreck without my medication and people essentially denying others medication through their own selfishness and shortsightedness just really rubs me the wrong way.”

12. Gross.

“Publicizing private details of your life that involves others.

If you’re going to break up with someone and absolutely break their heart, don’t fu**ing record it and put it on the internet!”

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